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Give your prospects and customers relevant content that grabs their interest and boosts conversions. http://bit.ly/rdeKM
Double your conversion rate in 4 steps. http://bit.ly/VvwP9
How to dress up your online marketing campaigns with PURLs. http://bit.ly/W7n33
@nancyroy Meet OnDialog CEO Clara Conti at Affiliate Summit, NY
@moscala Meet Ondialog CEO Clara Conti at Affiliate Summit, NY. Contact cathleen@ondialog.com
Let’s meet at the AS-NY to discuss increasing conversion rates & response rate through optimized landing pages. Email: Cathleen@ondialog.com
@slavaapel Do you incorporate PURLs into you VDP process?
Hey marketeers. Check out our new incentives that you don't want to miss http://bit.ly/e7B4R
Check out our freshly redesigned website and let us know what you think. http://www.ondialog.com
Miss one of our recent webinars, view a replay here: http://bit.ly/KA1Hi
Sorry for the hiatus but we're back!
Semi-weekly landing page tip: Make your page about your call to actions. No navigation links, no ads, etc.
Version 2 has been released. See the press release at this link, http://bit.ly/kP1Jd
Special product offer for Lunch & Learn attendees was well received.
That's a wrap. See our updates to review the live stream, or click the link to ask for a Lunch & Learn in your city. http://bit.ly/PlUX
Now we give away a signed copy of Tim Ash's "Landing Page Optimization."
Looking @ a bad example of a landing page. Case in point: Give clear call to action, remove navigation.
From OnDialog Lunch & Learn - Chicago: Landing page design isn't about you, it's about your customer.
Social media marketing, while important, isn't 1-to-1 marketing and shouldn't count as the 7 touches you need to convert a lead.
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OnDialog provides an advanced set of personalized marketing tools. We're also a bunch of cool people working very hard at making you successful.

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