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RT @comunedidesio: #Brianza viabilita #SS36 #MilanoLecco chiusa in entrambe direzioni fra bivio per Molteno e bivio per Civate, causa croll…
@marievafavoino no, no.. riconosco chiaramente le mura desiane sullo sfondo #trolol
@marievafavoino FIGHT DOGMAS
@marievafavoino più che la disobbedienza fine a se stessa, come risposta al non smettere mai di chiedersi "Perché?"
RT @worrydream: almost exactly eight years from concept to production
@apneadiving @fusillicode @rubydayit I know, I'd split myself to watch you and @jodosha at the same time ;-)
@apneadiving @fusillicode would you recommend result objects even when sticking only with service objects like here?
@fusillicode @apneadiving what do you think about avoiding exceptions? Lately I'm finding it more pleasant to return Result objects instead
@marievafavoino dici che qualcuno potrebbe prendere la proposta sul serio? Quello si che farebbe paura.
@marievafavoino Desio non é ancora gemellata. Quale occasione migliore?
RT @HermesCenter: [ITA] Che cos'è il Whistleblowing? /by @transparency_it
RT @agento: How to do MVC: 1. Take any three things, ANY 2. Call them Model, View and Controller 3. Draw some arrows between them Done!
RT @PardonSnowden: He founded Wikipedia and helped shape the Internet we know today. Now he's calling for a pardon for Snowden. https://t.c…
RT @joeldelafuente: This is the same company that is trying to buy Time Warner (with HBO among its assets)...
RT @Snowden: New report: If you use @ATT, they've been tracking you since 1987 and secretly selling it to cops without a warrant. https://t…
RT @mikko: #DDoSfacts
RT @Linux: Not the actual representation, but this is cute!
RT @AlfonsoFuggetta: Bando CONSIP IT agricoltura 555 mil. €. Italia login 350 mil. €. Quasi un miliardo in due. Forse è il caso di parlarne…
RT @Cild2014: UE: più controlli sulle esportazioni di tecnologie di sorveglianza per prevenire violazioni dei diritti umani…
RT @StephenKing: My newest horror story: Once upon a time there was a man named Donald Trump, and he ran for president. Some people wanted…

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