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RT @luisriverag: Heading to @TetuanValley to share @ETFmatic's story so far in the "success stories" panel http://t.co/HXZhxsITN1
RT @adavideo: How to raise money outside Spain? Where should I create my company? http://t.co/wB9AyJszeS Real startups telling their experi…
RT @Startupxplore: Startup Growth Calculator: a superb tool that calculates how much funding will you need http://t.co/7U8bSM2uDt http://t…
RT @tetuanvalley: Tickets now available! Remember this event is invite only so sign up ASAP for an invitation: http://t.co/P3mQjMfAzV http:…
RT @etfmatic: Tomorrow we will activate 50 simulation accounts, request yours at http://t.co/NxcFnYvPbO to experience a unique portfolio s…
RT @Delvy_Asesores: El jueves nos estrenamos en el espacio @utopic_us de Madrid con una charla sobre #pactodesocios. Ponente @jonavajo http…
RT @luisriverag: Seems after almost 2 years in exile @TetuanValley is coming back to Tetuan :D
RT @OpenTalent2014: Savings become investments with @etfmatic @luisriverag talks about it at #NBEU14 #BBVAOpenTalent #NewBanking
How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up http://t.co/Ob7HM4tH2E
RT @mikebutcher: The minimum number of slides for a startup pitch. 5? Problem, solution, market, team, what you want / what's next ....
RT @davemcclure: best damn post I've read all year: "Betting on the Ponies: non-Unicorn Investing" http://t.co/sXxehEjAdC @ganeumann http:…
When A Robo-Advisor Might Be Right For You http://t.co/LUzV9hX9d7
Sales Kung Fu: How To "Virtually" Close Every Single Customer By Asking This Powerful Question! http://t.co/iQJPOR1qBO
RT @cdixon: "We need to rethink our strategy of hoping the Internet will just go away." http://t.co/4jzcez8z8E
RT @luisriverag: Seems my video interview about Cloud Computing with our partner IBM is now live (Spanish) http://t.co/Q7hZO2itlX
Why ETFs Are Better than Mutual Funds, in Two Charts http://t.co/0nd2RfbUfZ

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