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@_Spencer_Smith Spencer, glad to hear that you're looking for us! Try out our product locator at https://t.co/lrT7rGbyH5.
@thecupoftea__ Glad to hear it, Miguel! How did you like it?
@miturnbo Thanks for your loyalty to the Odwalla bars. Unfortunately, the brand has decided to focus solely its beverage line.
@tpipfilms Call us at 1-800-ODWALLA or email consumers@odwalla.com so we can resolve your concerns. Have your bottle on hand if you can.
@elleohelle11 Hi Elle. Luckily the only Odwalla products with soy are those in our protein line. Everything else is good to enjoy!
@ralfimale Sorry about that! We're following now.
@ralfimale Please send us a DM with your zip code, details of the product. We'll do a search and contact you back with the results.
@nevarren Glad to hear you are enjoying our new flavor! What other flavors do you like?
@justineromina_ The feelings are definitely mutual! 😉
@JohnnyJKane taste of Odwalla + sound of Odwalla = 👌
@carlysevera Looks like we have a new Odwalla fan on our hands!
@jayekoneko Thanks for spreading the Odwalla love!
@dylannknapp Wow! Safe to say you are a very loyal fan!
@JoyOfodu Sounds like the ideal life, Joy!
@Sammy19944 Many factors go into the decision to stop selling a particular product. Typically, it is a matter of consumer demand
@Crstl_M_Romero Hi, Crystal. Ask the manager about the possibility of Odwalla being sold there. Thanks for reaching out!
@ccolbyrun Please call us at 1-800-ODWALLA or email consumers@odwalla.com so we can address the situation. Please share ref #8006633515.
@justinwrightl Lunch is always better with a bottle of #odwalla! Thanks for sharing, Justin.
@jacobbsherman So good right? What's your favorite flavor, Jacob?
@Hei_Jman Hi. We’ve decided to discontinue our food bars and focus solely on delivering great-tasting nutrition through our beverage line.

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