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RT @drwave: Hey, any  tweeps that contributed to this: https://t.co/Cc5NceFBda Please accept my unreserved thanks and admiration. Great…
RT @RodriguezThaGod: THIS NEEDS TO BE RT'D ENDLESSLY https://t.co/vzp9ffV7Y4
@SoNicK_14 Sorry, no. I recommend https://t.co/8mg2vF4vD4 for that sort of help. Good luck!
RT @collindonnell: Incase you missed it before, my new iOS-dev related show The Run Loop exists now on iTunes, Overcast, etc. Enjoy! https:…
So… help me rebuild the list! Do you have Swift and Objective-C Mac and iOS development blogs you’d like to see listed here? Send ‘em to me!
Sorry for the absence! I was using @twfeed to run this account, and they shut down before I realized, and could not export the feed list.
bbumOverflow: Comment by on Properly manage dispatch queue to reduce phone heating iOS: Views should not hol... https://t.co/ODYIie8bRQ
Apple: New Beta Downloads Now Available: Xcode 8.2 beta is now available, and includes Swift 3 and SDKs that ... https://t.co/9ErE6Cy1Bf
Bitsplitting: Touch Bar Everywhere: Apple announced on Thursday that many of their new MacBook Pros will ship... https://t.co/oom0enb8NU
SICPERS: Withholding the Four Freedoms: Having downsized my rather over-enthusiastic computer collection (tha... https://t.co/MwII2qvcS8
bbumOverflow: Comment by on Switching between views in Objective C: @Harish If you are fighting this hard ag... https://t.co/QnptVr6OFJ
boredzo: Learning to solder with the Make kit: I bought the Make: Getting Started with Soldering Kit at the B... https://t.co/f8To3wRaWO
Bitsplitting: The Price Of GPL: Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic, downloaded his competitor Wix’s iO... https://t.co/VL43hrAG1l
CocoaWithLove: Testing actions over time: Testing that actions are scheduled correctly over time is a pain. I... https://t.co/spIaEGf5Vy
Apple: In-App Purchase Promo Codes Now Available: Give press and influencers early access to your app’s in-ap... https://t.co/0DsgTKahq8
bbumOverflow: Comment by on api integration in objective-c: Have you tried anything at all? Are you stuck s... https://t.co/H7WqlDEl8P
iOS Dev Weekly: iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 274 - Oct 28th 2016: Comment We finally have n... https://t.co/OPE9kiexrS
Apple: Xcode 8.1 Now Available: You can now download Xcode 8.1 from the Mac App Store. This version includes ... https://t.co/unJIAr19jD
Apple: Apple Pay Has Expanded to Japan: You can now support Apple Pay for your customers in Japan, providing ... https://t.co/C0sFX7na2X
Bitsplitting: Log Littering: Apple has dramatically revamped its standard logging mechanism. Unified Logging,... https://t.co/KyTW3iB0rC

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I consolidate RSS feeds and other news about Objective-C and Cocoa programming on the Mac.

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