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"This is not an academic fight for me, it’s [about] whether I get to live." Urge Congress to #ProtectOurCare. https://t.co/C4qp9yrBJH
RT @SaveMyCare: A must-watch Bus Talk on the importance of storytelling with @MoveOn's @BenWikler and Mayor @PeteButtigieg. https://t.co/tg…
ICYMI this afternoon: The @USCBO has scored this administration's threat to #Sabotage health care. Read our stateme… https://t.co/5P7pn2TLLi
BREAKING: What the administration's health care #Sabotage means: -costs US $194 Billion -premiums ⬆️ 20-25% -consum… https://t.co/MuGHBt9GQz
America rejected #Obamacare repeal, yet this administration is still doing everything it can to sabotage the law. https://t.co/6OxMcuFWiT
Cancelling Navigator funds would be a harmful, irresponsible way to score political points—and the people who pay are those who need help.
“...the administration is trying to undermine enrollment in order to destabilize the individual market...” https://t.co/vAEyvxLU4h
Veterans like Robin deserve this. It's time for Congress to work on bipartisan solutions to #ProtectOurCare. https://t.co/PksYKGGjmA
Despite fear and anger, Susan hopes we'll find a solution. @RepDonBacon, we need bipartisan work to #ProtectOurCare. https://t.co/pPIYjN0cdl
See what earned this administration a Four-Pinocchio rating today: https://t.co/bW50Fmp0E7 #ProtectOurCare
RT @amprog: Regardless of the version, the Senate repeal bill would increase the number of uninsured Americans. https://t.co/bSNYjqJn85
RT @OFA: Read our official statement on today's Senate vote—and add your name to stay involved in the fight to #SaveACA: https://t.co/qI3uJ…
RT @OFA: .@SenToomey, are you listening? #SaveACA https://t.co/UPZ1ci0QNr
We cannot afford to let efforts to repeal #Obamacare go any further. Call and #SaveACA now: https://t.co/EK6JGfy2Es https://t.co/Oazt5DC2Og
RT @Culinary226: We will hold @SenDeanHeller to his word - everyone should have access to healthcare so vote NO! (202) 224-6244 #ProtectOur…
RT @PPSATWV: We've been out in front of @SenCapito's office since 7am. Keep calling: https://t.co/CAwoBlSi9H #StandWithPP #ProtectOurCare h…
RT @FamiliesUSA: #AK's kids, seniors + ppl w/disabilities could lose #healthcare if @lisamurkowski helps Senate pass repeal bill https://t.…
RT @ASlavitt: Play this video in the Senate. Staff Sergeant Alexis Scott Sustained injuries in Iraq that's Medicaid treats. 500k vets at ri…
#MedicaidMatters to the millions of Americans who rely on it. Call the Senate RIGHT NOW to #SaveACA. Connect here:… https://t.co/DisoGKpT3G
#SaveACA https://t.co/h71qELxypg

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