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Open enrollment starts Nov. 1—that means you'll only have 45 days to #GetCovered. Check out your options:… https://t.co/50UEPFDvo2
#AlexanderMurray is a step in the right direction. Congress: Stop #ACAsabotage & work on bipartisan solutions. https://t.co/ewjng1rb29
RT @OFA_ME: Dr. Rothe from @Stand_Up_ME: ME must expand #Medicaid. We agree. This is why @OFA_ME endorses Yes on 2 this Nov. 7. https://t.c…
ICYMI: Check out @OFA's health care policy update on Facebook live, and learn what you can do to stop #ACAsabotage. https://t.co/XCulf2meHr
Yes, you'll still be able to #GetCovered through the #Obamacare marketplace. Open enrollment starts November 1st: https://t.co/5yBed8r2iH
RT @OFA: TODAY: We're live at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT on https://t.co/hUbqsi3FuZ to take your questions and run down the latest health care…
RT @KHNews: We're LIVE with @jayhancock1 to talk #Obamacare subsidies (specifically CSRs) https://t.co/AUWT2YbtpO
RT @SEIU: Canceling the payments will raise premiums 20%, taking healthcare away from millions of working families. This is cruel 4/
RT @CenterOnBudget: We wrote back in July on how CSRs reduce people's out-of-pocket costs by roughly $1,100 per person: https://t.co/b7bE5X…
Important thread: https://t.co/hXHYrQI1qX
RT @OFA: By scrapping important subsidies, this administration has committed their cruelest act of #ACAsabotage yet. Read our official stat…
This executive order is just the latest example of #ACAsabotage. #WeDeserveBetter than this when folks' health and… https://t.co/4YBXqRtYFL
RT @OFA: Read our official statement on the just-signed executive order to sabotage #Obamacare: https://t.co/Aak7wadcqY
We need all hands on deck to help America #GetCovered—check out this primer to see how you can get involved: https://t.co/9u0hWhFtj6
Thread 👇 https://t.co/gIVzc6ABxS
RT @OFA: The administration's decision today could make birth control unaffordable for millions of women. https://t.co/cY5u6goQ32
While this admin continues to #Sabotage enrollment, @GetUSCovered is picking up the slack. Follow them and help fol… https://t.co/Zt8sxZTONi
RT @OFA: Read our official statement on the defeat of #GrahamCassidy: https://t.co/vNVEleVZVk
Our work is not over. We're committed to providing people with the information and resources they need to… https://t.co/Wc9ZW0oUMm
Thread: https://t.co/A9rcyomiF9

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