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Grandchildren in from South Carolina with my daughter and son in law! What a hoot for grandpa and grandma!
Ted needs a second job - our finances are really getting strained. Any help appreciated. Work from home would be best. Thanks
I recommend The Dave Ramsey Show - either on Fox or your local radio station. Best financial and planning advice for regular folks anywhere!
Poured cats & dogs last night - gained 1.5 inches of water in the pool!
Good Morning everyone. We have a business trip today and a large inventory buy tomorrow. We will be listing new books starting Sat. nite
Just started follwoing Dave Ramsey on Twitter. best financial infomation anywhere!
Hey Rob: I got the green algae out of the water and all the chems seem to be in place. I have very cloudy water now & filter clogs fast. ??
Happy memorial Day and let's remember those who paid the price for us to be here!
Way too hot today. Can't get the algae out of the pool. Gotta work on some eBay thing coming up in June (wish I understood it better)
Elsom: aren't you glad you don't have to manage retail stores anymore! .... with all the empty mall space
Would be nice if I could get my fingers to type interesting the right way.
Hi all - we found some intneresting childrens books on a road trip yesterday. We'll be posting them later today on Amazon, eBay etc.
MPG regulations - gonna hurt business that depend on moving people and goods ... like pool equipment, seminar attendance, books and other
If a big Democrat like Galissano says Tax cuts are the only way out of the economic mess Republicans should be listening. Reagan was right
Tom Galissano owener of the Buffalo Sabres and a big Democratic supporter has had it with NYS Taxes. Tom says TAX cuts are the only way
California is a mess and Republicans think that guys like Arnold have answers. Gov. Scwartz-tax-ation is not the answer. Tax CUTS are.
The new Mileage standards and Cap and Trade are going to be a HUGE problem for American business - whether on the 'Net or Brick & Mortar!
Listed new books on Amino-acids, peptides and Proteins ... buys mowing the yard. Dar working on the pool. Not raining and sunny.
Checking out www.twibs.com, the twitter business directory.
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