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How to defy the gods of planned obsolescence and keep your tech devices running http://t.co/OcS8ILCTlQ
Disruptions: How Clash of Clans Is Taking Bullying to the Virtual Playground http://t.co/4xWG99o8dh
How to raise the next generation of chief executives http://t.co/KRefe2OtLa
Business Briefing: Lamborghini Confirms It Will Introduce S.U.V. http://t.co/TqJYPypLY6
I.R.S. Data Breach May Be Sign of More Personalized Schemes http://t.co/iNajXk9Ygc
F.B.I. Investigates Whether Harm From Surgical Power Tool Was Ignored http://t.co/OROPnW4kPE
Borrowing to Replenish Depleted Pensions http://t.co/5QXihZuTd3
Will the cable merger mean better service? We asked Charter customers. http://t.co/WfMsvyRU9k http://t.co/59XX7xZ7Cw
Android dominates the globe, but fares poorly versus Apple’s iOS in ad revenue http://t.co/vZWwADa5rO http://t.co/oIP0pWFVlL
“Maybe it will go from an F-minus to an F,” a Charter subscriber says of service at Time Warner Cable after a merger. http://t.co/GzX2bpMIos
Goodbye F.A.O. Schwarz: Toy Lovers Prepare for Store’s Closing http://t.co/hWsmjtdBsN
Business Briefing: McDonald’s Will Change How Its Burgers Are Cooked http://t.co/gaQl4z4D44
Jinghong Journal: China’s High Hopes for Growing Those Rubber Tree Plants http://t.co/rGcbNinkjT
Business Briefing: Michael Kors Shares Fall After Weak Revenue Report http://t.co/GjrlwxYRIR
Google and Apple Adjust Strategies on Mobile Payments http://t.co/Qcc7GLpsJ1
A Comcast-TWC tie-up would have controlled 57% of US high-speed Internet access. Charter-TWC: less than 30% http://t.co/DK22OWgXaG
The chip-making industry has been swept by a wave of consolidation as companies look to gain scale. http://t.co/lFdoQkFeaW
Video Review: The BMW 428i, a Coupe Not Done by the Numbers http://t.co/nHgnTZ5M8W
How to defy the gods of planned obsolescence and keep your tech devices running http://t.co/bGHdVcIVVx
I.R.S. Breach Demonstrates the Need to Make Hacking Harder http://t.co/o3IayGYyVo

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