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Diablo 3 fail... Error code 316002 "That name contains restricted or inappropriate words." Who cares? I needed to be M for mature to buy!
Just signed up for http://www.hellobar.com The web toolbar that gets everyone's attention. Anyone have a beta invite to share?
Just updated nymtec.com, fresh new look!
I'm on Ad.ly... go to http://ad.ly/ to advertise on my feed, or sign up http://ad.ly/get-sponsored/
RT @tweetmeme Status Report | NymTec.com - beta 2 http://retwt.me/Tf8b
RT @tweetmeme Breathing fresh air into software | NymTec.com - beta 2 http://bit.ly/5dL2d
Windows 7 Launch Party site: http://www.houseparty.com/party/195600
NymTec is holding a Windows 7 Launch Party Oct. 24!
Alt-Tab Thingy featured on gHacks.net! http://bit.ly/1Mm2Yr
New blog post about nBRIEF (nymtec Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility): http://bit.ly/8WvrD - going to be a premier editor!
New blog post! Michelle under development, nBRIEF progressing and what customer service is all about. Check it out nymtec.com
New blog post NymTec.com
Requesting an invite for Tweetboard Alpha (http://tweetboard.com) by @140ware, for my site: http://www.nymtec.com
announcing nBRIEF!!!! http://www.nymtec.com/nBRIEF
announcing Alt-Tab Thingy v4.0.4 FINAL http://www.nymtec.com/alt-tab-thingy
Alt-Tab Thingy v4 Beta 1 is OUT!!!!! Check it out; http://digg.com/d1qho2
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