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So tired of signs of a warm February and a frigid march... a very sad #forsythia. More dead… https://t.co/UbGYIIlAEu
All the pieces of the transom have been cut and ground. It is 56 inches long. #transom… https://t.co/2SzJ0x74z8
Next comes a bit of foiling https://t.co/tT7FW9Tvk9
Transom update with added light. Three irises and 35/46th of the background. #stratozpheric… https://t.co/5f9gAn8Vml
Justice. @ Holy Trinity Lansdale https://t.co/iJzlKpBXJD
How about those Ducks! @red8814 @chrismsnell
This black hole is being pushed around its galaxy by gravitational waves https://t.co/Izgko84qw9
Three irises and 9/46th of the background https://t.co/7S1lyujWIT
3 irises & 9/46th of the background #stratozpheric #transom #lansdale to #northcarolina https://t.co/iQma9mnCFH
Walking down main street this morning and enjoying the flags from around the world. #canada… https://t.co/oDyNHPKHQc
Going vertical with 5 digits. House numbers in your colors >>> https://t.co/Xrx2R7QAMg
Again. Again. #doubts #truth #buddha https://t.co/wDIT09BFd0
Looking down at #create. #nutmegdesigns https://t.co/MWorPzHWLH
Feel free... https://t.co/B4Ct6D9KAi
This week in the Nutmeg News > technicolor dreams https://t.co/zB0IU6s9EL
The spring bulbs are so sad.... Warm February. Cold March. So let me celebrate this indoor… https://t.co/k7Fv1rJiL8
Got to start somewhere when you start the largest stained glass commission to date. https://t.co/a8ETmmcxSa
@LBCbeerbrotha @siljanvibeke our favorite festival has a Nordic jazz venue. @XRIJF
I'm an introvert down for the count. Craft show yesterday and homily at church this morning. Teaching tomorrow seems daunting.
#quiltlove Dawn Martrich's Entwined Light as seen months ago at the #allentownartmuseum @… https://t.co/ohpqa0cMvD

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