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RT @ruslandvalley: Gimmer lamb lost to a dog attack. Please keep dogs on leads @lakedistrictnpa @herdyshepherd1 @NotJustLakes https://t.co/…
@WjrWendy I let my PO do that; hope you weren't stuck in the queue too long after such a long day! :-)
Early night: poll clerking at the county council elections in Northamptonshire tomorrow :-) #getoutandvote
@GarethBarlow @BanffNP @chrisdarvill Say 'howzitgoineh?' to the homeland for me!
@littleredyarn WTF?!? GROSS!!!
Shocked & deeply saddened to hear of Sparkleduck's sudden and unexpected passing. The knitting world has lost a lovely, lovely woman.
@WjrWendy Not at the minute I'm afraid: we're stocked up! :-)
Won the office #grandnational pool: £25 coming my way, thanks #OneForArthur! #Iknownothingabouthorseracing
North Uist crofter's surprise at ewe's five lambs Holy moly! #ouch https://t.co/Z8P0gBI0UO
Horrified and dismayed by what I'm seeing on telly. Hoping our London-based friends are okay. #Westminster
Tom Hanks tribute for Derbyshire farm's five-legged lamb https://t.co/tloWAp8CCr
@moonandmuttley @blackdoglydia Gorgeous!
RT @ZwartblesIE: Sheep worrying at seven-year high https://t.co/eNpQboi31U
RT @harristweedauth: Soft fleece snagged upon an island croft fence. When you search for it, you really can find beauty in almost anything.…
@moonandmuttley Oooh, love it!
Full vacuum bag + no empty ones = no more cleaning + day on the couch knitting. I'd say that was a pretty good outcome.
@velvetpurrs @rotiger I don't bother flea treating unless they've been at the cattery. But yes, eggs can come into the house on shoes etc
@rotiger @jenwasp @JamesPMPhillips Regular flea treatment (Advantage is best IMO) is very good. But indoors is safest for the kitties :-)
@moonandmuttley Zoiks! :-(
Finishing 2 long-sitting wips this weekend earns me a new project start. That's fair, isn't it? #NewYearsResolution

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