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RT @EmilyBaah: Still have a belly wool mountain. Can you sell this on eBay? I know nowt about spinning or felting. (Humanely sheared obvs)…
@FarmlandBird @EmilyBaah Sorry, have been away and just got back!
@cycletoworkday because it's the best way to build desperately-needed exercise into my day. And I save park & ride… https://t.co/lVsq4FGRH8
@cycletoworkday Folder, so it can live in the boot of the car when I'm not riding it to and from the park & ride!
@beakerbutton I'm wearing my slippers with Joe's Toes soles right now! Great aren't they? https://t.co/GrrgG2Hz93
@elineof Gorgeous!
Got my Mabel Ross book out, yikes. Struggling with the math but determined to have a great cardie. Might need help from @FibreEast LOL!
Start of @FibreEast day 2, watching @WullaYarn spin more of their lovely, fluffy, sqishy, colourful Meta Yarn, all hand spun & hand dyed
Great day at @FibreEast, hope all my fellow vendors did well today. See you tomorrow! #knackered
Good thing @FibreEast is our local show: we're running out of some things! #needtorestock
Wow, such a busy @FibreEast Saturday, great to see so many people here!
All set up and ready for the punters #fibreeast2017 https://t.co/s5Qki5mos2
And we're off with @FibreEast day 1! Already done my shopping, lovely to see @beakerbutton, @KnittingSwede and @jjrolag :-)
@weaving_kate Thank you! :-)
Spent rather more time on this than any rational person should but I'm kind of in love with our new badge packaging… https://t.co/3JdoyW965v
@GingerKnits I though that was you I heard! ;-) We tried to get tix but didn't manage it. Next time!
Having a clear out and found this. Definitely not getting 'cleared out' :-) https://t.co/JCEmjJ2z2F
Rainy Saturday = perfect for @FibreEast prep. We'll be in the Cotswold marquee, hope to see you there!
@theyarnyard I call the hedgie in my garden Pat. 'Cause I don't know if it's Patrick or Patricia. Either is welcome though of course!
@moonandmuttley A-freakin-mayzing.

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