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The Best of Hot Docs; October 3 - 5 at Winnipeg’s Cinematheque http://t.co/JoPXpUyHMq http://t.co/HUmNYAY9nX
RT @whenfishflyfilm: Congrats to our fellow @nsicanada-ers, @divorcephotog, for wrapping their film this weekend! We can't wait to see it :)
RT @guidestonestv: To all of the writers out there, the @nsicanada Features First deadline is today! Get those scripts in!! http://t.co/YBh…
Torturous wins Canadian comedy award http://t.co/jtZTcuyUo7
Bang Bang Baby wins best Canadian first feature film at TIFF http://t.co/2ZuWl05o90
RT @leahjohnston: Over the moon happy to have been given the Linda Joy Award for my upcoming film, "My Younger Older… http://t.co/iksIMxL8V3
Leah Johnston wins a Joy award http://t.co/vQHAsTLKL0
Sean Garrity’s Borealis to shoot in Winnipeg http://t.co/MqHeYO7YY8
Living Dolls to screen at Raindance Film Festival in London http://t.co/7KRoNsvofG
RT @gloryosky: @DGCnational partners with @nsicanada, for NSI Aboriginal Documentary and NSI New Voices courses: http://t.co/hPJuOrRhFx
RT @MikeAHorrigan: My new short film, LOOSE ENDS, went live yesterday. Check it out! http://t.co/oihPcMng4S #nsiosff” @nsicanada #distur…
RT @calgaryfilm: Screenings of @Two4OneFilm feature appearances by special guests Naomi @snieckus, @TVGavin Crawford & Gabrielle Rose! http…
Canadian Screen Awards 2015 call for film entries http://t.co/x2UkUeSOEB
RT @Two4OneFilm: Short, but sweet! MT @nsicanada Features First film Two 4 One premieres at @calgaryfilm Int'l Film Fest http://t.co/WipOg5…
New in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Fest: The Death of Gary Goldwater + 4 more films http://t.co/hfNxOYEzqi #nsiosff
RT @reelwestmag: .@nsicanada partners up w/ @DGCnational to provide mentorship, networking and training for NSI Aboriginal Documentary stu…
RT @DGCnational: DGC & @NSIcanada announce partnership. “Our orgs share the goal of creating and nurturing strong Cndian storytellers” http…
NSI’s Elise Swerhone reports on Thunder Bay’s Bay Street Film Festival http://t.co/N19vcK65aJ
Kyle Irving participating in Telefilm’s Europe-Latin America coproduction forum http://t.co/x634tiWXLl
NSI announces partnership with the Directors Guild of Canada http://t.co/4xA7AwuC6K

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