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RT @jmsummers: Applause in the press gallery for the announcement that the House is adjourned until Monday. Whoever you are, I'm with ya.
RT @NPRandB: We brought back the all-Rick-James-everything stream to end the funk icon's birthday month right. Enjoy.
Congress passes a funding extension for the Department of Homeland Security -- for 7 days. See you again next Friday?
RT @KQEDnews: How well do you see color? Take this test to find out via @KQEDPop
After Second Round Of Talks, Cubans, Americans Emerge Upbeat
Museum @WhitPlantation depicts "life of a slave from cradle to the tomb" via @NPRDebElliott
RT @OPBnews: An Oregon city braces for legal marijuana to drive up electricity costs #ORpot
RT @tamarakeithNPR: President Obama worked the phones tonight re: Homeland Security Funding.
Mexican Attorney General Who Handled Case Of Vanished Students To Step Down
Fines remain rare even as health data breaches multiply via @NPRHealth @ProPublica @alykat
Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead
The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Long-time President of Notre Dame Univeristy, Dies
RT @tamarakeithNPR: The thing with this vote is, yes, Democrats mostly held together and opposed. But 52 Republicans ALSO voted no.
RT @brinaylor: Wow. House GOP fails to pass 3 week Homeland Security funding. GOP leader says more votes possible tonight. DHS funding run…
A Rival's Retirement Prompts 1-Word Statement From Aussie Politician
His teen years were rough, but last week he was at the @WhiteHouse with Obama via @StoryCorps
#NPRreads: A Sign Of The Times? Trinidad Offers Venezuela Toilet Paper For Oil
A glut of Ph.Ds means long odds of getting jobs via @nprnews @hechingerreport
#FF our #NPROscars commentators, whose snark + smarts are live-tweeted all year round @nprmonkeysee @idislikestephen @ghweldon @Bob_Mondello
RT @elizblair: "...NOT ALL THINGS ARE GIVEN TO US TO UNDERSTAND — NOR IS IT NECESSARY." -Leonard Nimoy. @nprnews @ulabeast…

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