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Soldier With PTSD, Woman Who Lost Husband To It, Find Solace Together
A new play about football asks, What's so fun about a sport that devastates bodies and brains?
The healthy human pancreas is an awesome machine. Diabetes research is inching closer to creating an artificial one.
@nprmusic's Bob Boilen calls Courtney Barnett the best lyricist in rock music today. Listen to her new single:
RT @NPRHealth: Measles Is A Killer: It Took 100,000 Lives Worldwide Last Year
Another story ranking high with readers tonight: "female husbands" and Boston marriages in the 19th century.
Hey, night owls and West Coasters! @LCarolRitchie for @nprnews. Top story right now: @NPRCodeSwitch on PC culture.
In Qatar, Released Taliban Member Raises U.S. Concerns
.@planetmoney was told: "Don't do it." But they did it anyway. #SorryAmerica, your bad news is now their good news
RT @publicbill: An Archer Goes Old-School, And Wows The Internet via @nprnews
Is there a #PubRadioVoice that sounds like America? Highlights from the @NPRCodeSwitch chat:
An Archer Goes Old-School, And Wows The Internet
What do @mariabamfoo's impressions of her mom do to their relationship? @NPRinvisibilia delves into "entanglements"
Close Friend Of Putin Awarded Contract For Crimea Bridge
NBA Player Flouts A Critic's Guarantee That He Would Be Arrested
WATCH: Forget Crop Circles, This Farmer Is Making Art With His Cows
Kerry Fined $50 For Not Shoveling Sidewalk Outside Boston Home
Jeremy The Koala, Rescued From Australian Brushfire, Goes Home
Bomb Attack On Shiite Mosque In Pakistan Leaves At Least 49 Dead
Mitt Romney Won't Run For President In 2016

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