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Congress Approves $16.3 Billion VA Health Care Bill
Ebola Patient Will Be Treated In Atlanta Hospital
Most Of California Reported To Be In 'Extreme Drought'
Israel And Hamas Agree To 3-Day Cease-Fire, U.N. Says
RT @bjkingape: Changing the world via 3 meals a day- my NPR post on 'Farmageddon' and smart, sentient #farm #animals…
The most epic, cut-throat speed-walking you'll ever see is at @Newportfolkfest #newportfolk via @nprmusic
Dow Dives 317 Points, Erasing A Month Of Gains
Israel Allowed To Tap U.S. Munitions Cache For Gaza Offensive
To Find America's Nuclear Missiles, Try Google Maps
House Cancels Vote On $659 Million Border Security Bill
Kentucky Buoys Noah's Ark Park With Millions In New Tax Breaks
Flight Delays In China Leave Travelers Feeling Squeezed
CIA Chief Apologizes To Sens. Feinstein, Chambliss Over Computer Intrusion
Scientists Say The Moon Is Hiding A Lumpy Middle
Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds State's Controversial Labor Law
What’s it like to cover the White House? @tamarakeithNPR has the answer:
20 Million Gallons Later, UCLA Water Main Finally Plugged
Now we have a link! @tamarakeithNPR is taking questions in a reddit AMA:
RT @tamarakeithNPR: I'm doing an AMA on Reddit at 10AM. Please join!
Conflict In Gaza: What You Need To Know Today

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