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Sanggup berlapar nak beli buku. 😂
jangan sampai aku tak mengaku sedara! arghhhhhhh...marahnya!
Stop making me fall for you. I dread the ending.
hahaha. hrpnya dapatlah apa yang nak..nyums!
haha tema mmg kena tinggal la tahun ni. 😂
homai! I can't finished my meal! 😅
You and me, beb..How 'bout it? 😍😇
I wish I'm home, but I'm not. This is home too, but right now it doesn't feel so.
Funny each time, I fall in's always you.
I cannot comprehend that my day starts and ends with you, but I love it. Can we keep it this way, darling?
I miss you when you are here..I miss you even more when we are apart. Do you miss me too?
Wanna know how I feel right now? I'm being taken for granted.
Let's pack and leave!! Like I should years ago!
I miss you so much, it hurts.
homai..tabahlah wahai hati. dia bukan milikmu.
there's someone I miss to spend time with.
When I see your eyes in the picture, I just burst! I miss you, sayang. 😢😭 #alvintos
You are happiest when the person you love is happy & fulfilled.
Terus ringan kepala. 😊😍 I chopped it all! haha.

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