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RT @BestBuy_Careers: Get to Know Best Buy During Grace Hopper! #ghc16 #ProudToBlue #BBYDoesTech #ComeMeetUs
RT @mfdii: First time I can recall that I've seen a line at the Women's restroom at a Tech Conference #devopsdays
Really impressed with the diversity of the speaker lineup at #devopsdays Mpls. Great job, organizers!
Me: "You have a fork! Why are your hands so dirty?" 4-year-old: "Because I'm ENJOYING my food." Well played, kid. #wisdom
Whenever I try to tweet, I spend 15 min just trying to log in because it's been so long. Maybe a sign Twitter and I are not meant to be.
I'm getting a cold, I'm running very late for work, and I just broke a mirror all over my bathroom floor. Is it too late to go back to bed?
So happy that we were able to attend! What a great conference!
Great job on the coding challenges!
Hey, it's my code challenge! Come check it out at the Best Buy booth! #GHC15 #LifeatBBY
Some day my kids will be older and I won't post about coffee. For today, need fuel for another busy day @ #GHC15.
RT @saraheitkampmn: Best Buy peeps Infra Engineer @nopotatoes and our CTO Bala Subramanian at @ghc #GHC15 #tech #retail #omnichannel http:/…
Reviving my Twitter account (yet again) as I wait in line at #GHC15 This place is huge! #needmorecoffee
Good article--hits home as a CS and CompE grad: "Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?" @nytimes
Clearly I made a wise choice of college: @TheOnion: Extremely Vibrant Town Able To Sustain Two Buffalo Wild Wings
FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition -- nice start, but those hardcoded strings just won't work for proper i18n
My 2-year-old just told me, "The car is dirty. Need to get a new car." Seems like sound logic to me.
I'm pretty sure our Apple TV is the single best purchase we've made for traveling with the kids. Plug it in, instant Dora-on-demand.
Very long, but a fascinating read: The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography
Vacationing with a miserable cold is maybe not the most fun thing in the world. Stocking up on cold pills tomorrow...
Of course, now I have an iPad. And I love it.

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