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There are many ways to replace tooth crowns, but only dental implants can replace the entire tooth including both...
Dr Kumar has extensive experience in the area of smile makeovers and his unique and detailed approach to smile...
Dr Raj Kumar has built an excellent reputation for creating beautiful smiles in his London Harley Street Dental practice.
#nometalbraces This is what Dr. Raj Kumar's Patients are saying about him...Find out why he is the best Cosmetic...
Can Invisalign Treat Overbite
Dr. Raj Kumar speaks on How Invisalign Can Treat Overbite
Dr. Raj Kumar speaks on How Invisalign Can Treat Overbite
People have many types of dental smile, be they beautiful or ugly there are manytypes in the dental spectrum....
No Metal Braces also has a DailyMotion Video page...follow us there for more information and video clips on Dr....
Why Orthodontists Fail - Dr. Raj Kumar
Invisalign can successfully treat an overjet. Dr Kumar must first decide whether you are good candidate for...
To know more about Dr. Raj Kumar & the treatments he offers in London, follow him on Facebook
#nometalbraces Invisalign for Teens – how is it different from Invisalign for adults?
Can Invisalign Treat Overbite?? find out what Dr. Raj Kumar has to say on this.
What is Invisalign and how can it be Beneficial for your health...
Why should you opt for Invisalign?
You can take an Appointment with Dr. Raj Kumar right from his website itself...Simply click on the Make...
Invisalign Severe Crowding Case Studies
Dr. Kumar shares how effective Invisalign can be for Overbite and Underbit Corrections...

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Dr Raj Kumar is a preferred Invisalign provider for the UK, with over 21 years experience in cosmetic dentistry.
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