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Beyond the noise! #FridayFeeling
Stay focused on the big picture and all that is good about your life! #Happiness #positiveenergy
First you have a flash of #insight, then the difficulties arise! Thomas Edison #growthmindset
Is true #success the privilege of a small minority? Or part of a trend towards redefining what success really means?
"We must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives” Norman Vincent Peale #ThursdayThoughts
It's all relative; whether you #succeed or #fail is ultimately not as important as the meaning you personally give it!
You can’t make good #decisions when stressed, overwhelmed or low in willpower; instead you tend to repeat what you usually do! Wendy Wood
Don't try to balance your life; simply keep refining it until every aspect is ideal! #InternationalDayOfHappiness
Be willing to commit to something that really fires you up! #commitment #purpose
@johnpike Likewise John - you do a great job of connecting with your followers!
Effort X Effectiveness = Results (where better to learn to increase your Effectiveness!) #success
Everything is difficult until it is easy! #Habits #wednesdaywisdom
Having a #coach is now the mark of an up and coming #leader. Sherpa 2017
Who needs a #coach most? Answer: 1) Leadership development 2) In transition and 3) A specific problem / challenge. Sherpa 2017.
The better care you take of yourself, the more you live true to your values, the better the #leader you will be!
An entrepreneur starts a #business but it takes leadership to grow a #business! #SuccessFactors
Approach your calendar like it’s the most important thing in your life because what go's on there becomes your life! Robin Sharma #lifestyle
Remember the ASK principle: Attitude (be curious) – Skills (model others) – Knowledge (test it for yourself!)…
Let go of the conditioning: I can‘t do that; that won‘t work; what will everyone else think? Decide what you do want! #mondaymotivation
A life is meaningful if it finds responses to the 4 qu of #purpose, #value, #efficacy & #selfworth:

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