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I love it when people “steal” my content :)
If you define your role, function, activity, and engagement in life as an employee of a company, then the attention...
More ridiculous mainstream media propaganda about the Occupy Movement
Paul Krugman’s Column in the New York Times asks “So what can be done (about Dimon / J.P.Morgan)?” Here’s an answer:
Explanations of falling general employment must be found elsewhere than in the displacement of workers by machines
Retirees who are glad to be retired, or those who have decided to be full-time housewives or househusbands — don’t...
If Paul Krugman is right that whoever owns France owns Europe, then is it also true that whoever own Hollande owns...
What if…
Breaking News: The Wisdom of the Press Release is Questionable (at Best)
Perhaps Paul Krugman’s “Federal Reserve Mandate” is Simply Not The Mandate of the United States Economy
Anil Dash on the State of Online Illiteracy: “We need a tech industry that values history, perspective, and a...
Natural Language vs. Intellectual Property
Paul Krugman speaks out against algorithmic search engines
Germany may soon have smart factories, but if you put an award from 2007 on your homepage then your marketing is...
Are Sports Events like the World Cup or the Olympics Good or Bad for Local Economies / Economic + Real Estate...
One big difference between prostitution and slavery is that most prostitutes get paid in cold hard cash
On Every Street
Occupy Search Engines! ;)

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