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The upside to having red hair; when you find one in your food, you know immediately if it's yours or not.
Portland celebrity sighting!!! Greg Oden, SW Stark and 12th Ave. Yep, on crutches.
I'm outta Nutella.
Plaza Cleaners sign: "If you are unemployed and have an interview, we will clean your suit for free." Great people! http://bit.ly/buNPHE
Why do pistachios have to be so good but so time consuming?
@PopinaSwimwear Don't know if you saw this but you're in the Thursday Biz Roundup! http://bit.ly/aNZCO5
Poor Annie . http://yfrog.com/juu65vj
Salad dressing spill in my purse this morning. Good thing it's a nJoy bag and cleans right up!
To all bees gathering nectar and pollen: I'm aware how bright my hair is but you will not find what you are looking for in it.
Just got a Yard Care flier on the door. Is someone trying to tell me something? http://twitpic.com/2c7d2g
Lots of barnyard noises coming from outside. I look up and this is what I see: http://twitpic.com/2c4pbb
Funny, funny stuff! http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/
We've got veggies! Check out what you can grow on under a third of an acre! http://phelpspharm.blogspot.com/
our bags, soon to be in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's gift shop! So, so excited!
sample bag order out the door to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art! Can't wait to hear the response!
@niftyliving OF COURSE I remember Hello Portland! So great to hear from you! Hope all is well!
Love to hear that! Thanks! RT @katerydesigns @njoydesigns I've been handing out a lot of business cards lately! :)
minimummouse It's the Pretty In Pink Dress! RT@minimummouse another fab dress today - candy pink prom dress! http://bit.ly/bfabOL
Just started working with a great group of gals! Ladies Who Launch Portland. Check it! http://twitter.com/LWLOregon
Very, very cool Cory! RT @cobradogs: New Blog Post. File under AWESOME.!!!!!!! http://bit.ly/d8K8Xx

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Oilcloth bags handmade in Portland, OR. Where fashion, function and fun meet. Perfect for everyone and everywhere. Find us on Etsy.com and nJoyDesigns.com
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