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Giving up on #myyahoo. It used to be a flexible newsportal. Remodeled. Now is useless. Tried many alternatives. Settled on netvibes.
Take a quick test - does your browser know where you are? via @Avaya
Direct brainwave collaboration: via @Avaya
When Apps Cross the Border from Delightfully Informative to Creepy via @Avaya
There's a fine line between Customer Service to Creepy:
Untethered: New Avaya iPhone app:
Facebook's graph search reduces the anonymity of large numbers.
Bennett: The Nation Hasn’t Time to Waste
Tips from the NYTimes on Facebook Privacy:
Huwaei is 3rd largest smartphone mfr behind Samsung & Apple:
Intel's financial report: The PC is not dead
Win8 upgrade on home laptop. Good: It's faster than the crappy Win8 Beta. Bad: It can't handle all my drivers now. Why did they mess it up?
eMail rule #1: If you don't want to see it on the front page of the NYTimes, don't put it in email. (Or twitter for that matter...)
Windows 8 is proof that it's hard to translate a touch-screen UI to a mouse-driven UI.
email maintenance: It jst dawned on me that this is an addiction: Every day I hunt through my inboxes to identify junkmail and block senders
Installed Win8 preview over tiny Win7 PC. Has crashed 8 times 2day. Graceful elegant crashes, but crashes nonetheless.
84 edits of Paul Ryan's wikipedia page Sunday as the sides fight over versions of reality. e.g.shud brown-nose make it?
I remember caring whether Flash was available on iPhone. I read this article and was surprised that I no longer care:
Patz Suspect Said to Write Short Confession on Boy’s Picture
Here's a messy graphic of players/categories in socialmedia marketing. Wish they had taken more time to structure it:

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