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Planned Parenthood workers: Employees were rewarded if more children were aborted
Mexico’s Foreign Ministry Warns Illegals In U.S. To ‘Take Precautions’ Against Deportation
Payday lenders are now suing bank regulators for the harm they have suffered
TechCrunch attempts to defend those who demand political censorship by Shopify
Why Women's Liberation Front is suing the United States Federal Government
EU decides to run product management for Netflix
Cory Booker Turns on His One-Time Ally, Betsy DeVos
@StevenSandhoff @ABC "celebrate people of all faiths"? Last I checked, abortion was not very compatible with most faiths.
Dear media, please stop pretending this isn't an abortion rights march. At least the pro-lifers just call theirs Ma…
93% Races Other Than Asian!
RT @kingsthings: Protestors in DC smashed the windows of my hired SUV & many other cars. I was working in-studio & am ok, but my driver is…
RT @delemeester: Minimum wage laws in South Africa: “an evil system to deprive poor uneducated people of the opportunity to advance.” https…
Central Americans Hurry to Get Into U.S. Ahead of Trump
If you can't tell that the mainstream media is promoting war in Syria, you are dumb.
RT @theinformation: 2015 median tech income in Seattle was $90k and median rent was $1,662, while LA tech workers made less & spent more ht…
RT @jeffsparshott: Percentage of young Americans living with parents highest since 1940.
RT @reason: Tennessee Student Accused of Sexual Harassment Because He Wrote Instructor's Name Wrong
RT @georgegalloway: It’s time to judge Assad’s Aleppo campaign by the standards that we set ourselves in Mosul
Is the US backing terrorists in Syria?
Interesting to see Hillary supporters committing to fight any erosion of the Second Amendment.

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