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Paid in Full: an euro noir crime thriller, raises awareness about sex trafficking (a la, La Femme Nikita) @jshah94
@photoscribbler yes this day & age, with smartphones & access to the Internet, even in emergencies, an email takes 30 seconds.
@photoscribbler referring people is a privilege so FYI..your referral hasn't responded to (3 emails, 2 phone calls, 1 tweet)#unprofessional
RT @PrestonMitchum: Dear Bill Cosby and Don Lemon: BYE! ✌️ Signed, Every Black person & woman everywhere.
@HyattConcierge I just LOVE the Hotel Concourse at LAX. Great staff, food, Airport shuttle service. Posted +ve review on #priceline too! - why do you need a million dollars to produce a film? Trust me, it ain't rocket science! want to make a film but you don't know where to start? Read what I did, and let me know if I can help #detroit #MI
#Filmmakers #Filmmaking #producers #michigan #detroit - your comments are welcome - #madeinmichiganfilm #paidinfull
@jyochamoli thank you!
@CubetheBox248 It was plenty big this time my dear - 5 of you when we were done, lol!
@PaulGlomski I'm a local filmmaker & biz owner. Interested in connecting.May I buy you lunch sometime? (nope not looking for money, lol) - Your comments welcome! #filmproduction #indiefilm #michiganfilm #madeinmichigan #sextrafficking #michigan #detroit
@LinkedInHelp THANKS MUCH!
RT @holymully: Self-evident...
@LinkedInHelp I think we're going in circles. Has it been refunded, as it was canceled on day it was to renew? That's all i need to know. :)
@DanceEatRepeat :))
RT @nipashah: "When MBA meets LA-LA land! (Producing a Feature Film)" by @nipashah on @LinkedIn @holymully
RT @nipashah: "When MBA meets LA-LA land! (Producing a Feature Film)" by @nipashah on @LinkedIn @DanceEatRepeat
RT @nipashah: "When MBA meets LA-LA land! (Producing a Feature Film)" on @LinkedIn @SmitaWalia @DrVAhluwalia

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Super TYPE A,determined dudette, mom,wife & crazy idealistic businesswoman!PROUD American+Mumbaiyite+MI'nian. EX-GM who loves GM still.I LOVE & LIVE life fully!

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