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RT @mwrlabs: #AmazonEcho devices vulnerable to physical attacks that can gain a root shell on underlying Linux OS by @Incanus…
RT @artwongt: All-up Windows Bounty program announced today, awesome stuff. Help us secure Win10!
RT @iamnion: Sometimes annoyed by navigating through strings in IDA Pro? You might enjoy using our StringCluster plugin…
RT @webkit: Adobe has announced it will stop distributing and updating Flash Player at the end of 2020.
RT @mwrlabs: 3 more Huawei/MediaTek Android device vulnerabilities!
RT @phoenhex: 5 bugs, 1 exploit -- the full Pwn2Own Safari sandbox wrap-up
RT @Comsecuris: Blog post: Emulation and Exploration of BCM WiFi Frame Parsing using LuaQEMU
RT @phoenhex: Is sharing really caring? @bkth_ and @edgarboda analyse&exploit an RCE bug in the Firefox shared array buffer code https://t…
RT @j00ru: Announcing Bochspwn Reloaded – a new kernel memory infoleak detector – and the REcon Montreal 2017 slides.…
RT @t2_fi: t2'17 #cfp and registration is now open! - #t2infosec - Please RT!
RT @taviso: Surprise, I ported Windows Defender to Linux. 😎
RT @scarybeasts: [blog] *bleed continues: 18 byte file, $14k bounty, for leaking private Yahoo! Mail images https:/…
RT @joernchen: A note from FX:
RT @publidave: Imagine pitching a book where NSA exploits, released by Russians, were used to knock out hospitals & demand cryptocurrency.…
RT @dwizzzleMSFT: Want to raise global prices of exploits with every pull request? Create mass researcher sadness w your code? I have your…
RT @mwrlabs: Our latest slides show MWR Labs aren't all mouth and no browsers! #pwn2own #chrome #android
RT @tehjh: Xen 64-bit PV guests can break out into the host; we have a working exploit
RT @misc0110: We present to you: "Fantastic Timers and Where to Find Them: High-Resolution Microarchitectural Attacks in JavaScript" Tuesda…
RT @scarybeasts: [blog] Black box discovery of memory corruption RCE on
RT @5aelo: Awesome pwnage with @_niklasb #pwn2own :)

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