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@MrsLarkins @Darryl_Fleming7 @MadeleineSchw20 Sorry all, my account got hacked, if you received spam mail I promise you it wasn't really me
@Comcastcamille (2/2) we will be happy with netflix, amaz prime and an antenna. Less $. Can wait for GoT to be released on DVD. Thanks tho.
@Comcastcamille (1/2) during playoff weekend when you blacked out NBC we realized that we would have been fine with a $30 digital antenna..
@ComcastKeisha thanks but no. We are switching providers next week.
@mrslarkins, @darryl_fleming7, @madeleineschw20 @darryl_fleming7 @mrslarkins
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts I ask as a gun owning, registered ind., Army combat vet
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts sorry, not clear. I meant personal weapons - owned by private citizens. Any time limits are ok?
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts ok, back to you: any circumstances under which it is ok to limit weapons?
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts don't think there's 1 solution. Complicated issue. Maybe start with the link b/w guns and domestic violence?
@DIRECTV husband is out getting digital antenna now. Thanks for encouraging us to cut the cord! We'll catch 2nd quarter. #CutTheCord
@DIRECTV I can't watch it on nbc because you blocked the flipping channel. This is what I pay huge cable costs for?
@DIRECTV can't tell you how fast we are switching to @comcast. Seriously? Playoff weekend?
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts who is talking about locking up everyone? Just tired of all the screaming. Time for talking, no?
@stevebutler4Him @shannonrwatts True, but that's where you can start to have a discussion. Between rational, reasonable people.
@shannonrwatts @stevebutler4Him can we both start from a place of agreement: the tragedy of a 2 yo killing his mom should be prevented?
@KingArthurFlour Happiness was a sourdough starter (and crock!) for Christmas!
@shannonrwatts @stevebutler4Him why can't I be both pro-gun ownership and pro- sensible regulation too? Why does that cause such drama?

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