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Splittable App Makes A Play For Renters Who Have To Split Apartment Costs
Shocking statistic// 40% of All the Hate Crimes in #Spain Last Year Targeted Gays
TOWIE creators working on new 'Life on Marbs' show about Spain's super rich #marbella #marbs
@syndk8 I saw the headline but didn't read it tbh. I just presumed it was about the old old owner, like 3 owners back or sthg
@syndk8 this is going back years isn't it. When they had majestic tv and Russian money?
@syndk8 it's not the same owner. That was years and years ago
Break a leg tonight @radiohannah @kanvas #gif
Break a leg tonight @radiohannah @kanvas #video
@syndk8 I didn't know that!
Meet 10 most wanted overseas fugitives 'living the high-life on #CostadelSol' via @DailyMirror
#Spain unemployment rate drops to lowest for three years
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on A-7 on @waze - Drive Social.
#Marbella leads Spanish #realestate recovery. Property transactions up 28%
#easter in #spain - I hate the processions but love the cakes
@syndk8 Maybe I saw one, didn't like it and didn't really give them a chance? But I still say no. Just no. Not for me thanks
@syndk8 we shall agree to disagree on this one then!
@syndk8 lol. I haven't seen that. Tbh I've only seen 1 procession when I first moved here and that was enough. Gives me the eeby jeebies
Interesting. I personally don't like #Easter #processions 'My God! These Spaniards are crazy' via @elpaisinenglish
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on A-7 on @waze - Drive Social.

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