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First ever #Marbella Awards announced by Marbella Rocks Magazine
@syndk8 fair enough. I might give you a shout one day to meet up in Gib
@syndk8 well whenever you head down this way let me know and we'll meet for a coffee if you fancy
@ShazzaShayrocka hola And welcome to Twitter. Let's see if we can get you on Instagram this decade. Lol
@syndk8 I love the new park.
50 businesses in C/ Marques del Duero given 2 years to co-ordinate colour scheme. #SanPedro isn't a fan of #50shades
@syndk8 its not the 3rd world country I'm worried about, it's me. I'm a liability today.
@syndk8 thanks anyway. The bad omens flying around me today say step away from fiddling with debugging software. Thx anyway
@syndk8 huh? I'm using hootsuite on Firefox. But not the extension, the website for that tweet
Any1 any ideas why @grupobpopular @popularresponde website needs to access MS Office?Seems dodgy. any ideas @syndk8
"Next Mark Zuckerberg Q&A Session will be in #Barcelona #bcn March 4
#spring has sprung and it's a beautiful day in the outdoor #office.
#Cute #instapets @kanvas
YouTube are launching kid-friendly version on 23rd Feb.Unfortunately it's USA only and for Android only at the moment
Dropbox users - Get extra #free 100mb #cloud #storage on OneDrive for 1yr here by
. @GrupoBPopular ve como @movistar_es RESPONDE a los comentarios.Yo te avisé d un error significante en tu web y silencio. #fallo @syndk8
@movistar_es @syndk8 hi Sergio. If I see anything specific I will let you know. But it's generally bloated to navigate
@syndk8 can you believe it. The new web/app design is horrid too. But worst/most broken Spanish website is surely @movistar_es
. @GrupoBPopular la pagina web no funcion SIN www. Deberias avisar a su dpto tecnico a hacer un http:// redirect
Harsh// Inmate gets 37.5 yrs in solitary & loses 74 yrs of privileges for posting on Facebook. A tad excessive!

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Workaholic, twitaholic. Lover of Spain. Building my social media consultancy business on a solid foundation of years of business experience + reputation.
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