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Hiring a User-Centered Design Firm: The Value of an External Perspective
6 myths that stop companies from doing enough user testing | UserTesting Blog
#CNN continues to run ad of people being run over by car in the wake of the horrific #NiceAttack
Useagility's sister company Pointworks Academy is giving away free tickets to hear Malala Yousafzai on July 19, 2016.
Momma went to be with her Lord at 6:00am this morning. She was at peace and surrounded by love. Adele was an...
"Always back suggestions for improvement with test data." Works great for UX, not so great with spouse.
Though-provoking article. While flat design brings a lot of improvement to UX, it's important to keep your own custo…
It is finished. No curtain call, no encore, no applause. Just silence. No epilogue or denouement to explain the...
Thanks for all the great birthday wishes! I feel a year younger with every wish!
"We are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth.” Vernor Vinge
The Search is Over!
Looking for your next startup? #CEOBullPen has ideas from universities, corporations & people, ready for action.
This little critter is deranged and bi-polar. He spends hours every day licking the mortar between the bricks on...
I actually only remember three words from Bible college. I mean, I could paraphrase others, but there are only...
In case you're wondering if there ways besides Facebook to engage the social media world......
Rediscover the Power of Discovery
10 Tips for Writing Content that Ranks [INFOGRAPHIC] Tip 11: Start writing.
Google’s 200 Ranking Factors-the best (and longest) #SEO infographic ever published. Thanks @Backlinko
If You Aren’t Building Trust First, Your Marketing is Wrong (via Tyler Young) #conversion
RT @seosmarty: What Google Penguin 2.0 Means For Entrepreneurs RT @LisaAngelettie

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