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This photo was found in our parking lot today.... Anyone come in today and lose it?? https://t.co/f0ZbawAJ22
45 CUTE DOG TRICKS https://t.co/ekO6fAZrVB https://t.co/9NjngZA5J1
Dr Friedmans latest article... my life, or lack thereof..... Has this happened to you? You are trying to get... https://t.co/9nidDbiqJG
Puppy Basics 101 - How to Care for Your New Dog https://t.co/NtkAN5egaQ https://t.co/Fmjs3fQhQc
Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog https://t.co/H3XNpgSaon https://t.co/eTkfTUxiUW
Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption https://t.co/15ieqydNg1
Happy Happy Birthday to Dr's Dasaro and Friedman!!!! — celebrating birthdays
Soooo late in posting!!! Happy belated birthday Kim!!!!!! https://t.co/cB8r7NnB3r
Dogs Are Awesome - Funny Dog Videos https://t.co/6ytcDJ1N2k
Many of you have heard stories about our Aunt Rita. Dr Friedman has written articles about her and we post the... https://t.co/NMo4CTtsdT
Recognizing & Caring for a Sick Pet https://t.co/uwHKimTYSW https://t.co/M4VksJKJhT
Hiro and her mini-me https://t.co/EHAw9Lkzr5
45 CUTE DOG TRICKS https://t.co/En5nMhgzej https://t.co/IxTnCCghro
Dr Friedmans latest article...... ring in the new... Another year runs away, and at Newburgh Vet, we have a lot... https://t.co/rTVZkwU42Q
Angel getting her intraocular pressures checked (IOP) https://t.co/X66ycH0Z9v
3 generations of Tuthill girls https://t.co/2kFrF0E6VA
9 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe in Snow + Holiday Safety Tips https://t.co/B61Z2YbXbg https://t.co/lYlNJThTSx
Dr Flanagan taking Angel's intraocular pressures (IOP)... https://t.co/IwdVZtMklj
Aunt Rita getting her bp checked
Kailee taking Aunt Rita's blood pressure (bp) w the help of Meg. Monitoring your pets blood pressure is important... https://t.co/1lmGCVZkGk

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