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Great view this afternoon on the way to the #garbage concert
@CrownMetropol great ro be back staying with you guys. Great room great service always a pleasure
@VirginAustralia link doesn't work....
@VirginAustralia tried dm with no luck. Is it just me.... 5 flights in 3 weeks, shortest delay has been 90 minutes. #travel #fail
@VirginAustralia sure, on return flight now with engineering issues already 30 mins late before discovered
@VirginAustralia guys seriously.... cancelling flights multiple moves of pax and closing gates early. What's going on? #travel #fail
Sunrise over the Sydney Opera House
@Qantas Here's one for you. Just got a response to the form I filled out almost a month ago with a link asking me to fill out the same form.
@Qantas so just to clarify that is about a month with no real response from Qantas to resolve the issue
@Qantas still no response through customer service.....
@Qantas hi guys followed up and filled out forms two weeks ago as requested and no response...
@TheCoastalEdge great pic
@Qantas Was at Sydney International, reconfirmed my decision to avoid Qantas and nothing has been done to change my view.
@Qantas Just had the worst check-in and boarding experience... 2 hrs waiting in queues and less then customer focused staff
"Using Your Power of Observation" by @new_horizon
Not bad for a winter's day in Sydney. 21°c and light breeze
Great day out on Sydney harbour
Oh it comes in blue also... #Sydney #vivid

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