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So long and thanks for all the links. :-)
Sadly Nerdabout is coming to an end. We'll be tweeting while migrating over to @snarkmeat. Plz follow us there for more fabulous tweets.
Of many amazing organizations working in Haiti we're also supporting #DoctorsWithoutBorders who desperately need help
Donate to Haiti relief through PartnersinHealth ( @PIH_org) via @rumproast fundraising page
Wild #crows reveal skills with tools
Pretty amazing closeup of a volcano erupting
Birds breath like alligators
Just in time for #followfriday is Heather's new blog @breakupckbk . It's all about catharsis through cooking:
RT @huffingtonpost: WATCH how to check the sun quality in your garden @huffpostgreen
RT @huffingtonpost: PHOTOS: Haiti Earthquake Damage--As Seen From Space
Classic improv movie moments
The Y chromosome may be the fastest changing part of the human genome
#Gumby creator dies
New Yorkers set mulchfest record
Show them you're sarcastic for only 2 bucks.
Boba Fett plays the accordion
William Burrough's stuff
RT @ScienceChannel: Well well well. Today, January 11, is binary palindrome day: 011110
This will cause much debate over cubicle walls resulting in nerf darts being thrown: Top 10 Videogame Villians
All work, not much fun today.

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