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Ввожу санкции ЕС - еду на море ... в Крым
@cmdeb But both sides are weak to do it
@cmdeb I hope one day it will be safety to visit Kiev like before ...and Odessa too.Russians and Ukrainians have to say SORRY to each other
@cmdeb Yes...Russia is different)))
@cmdeb No,it was started from Maidan.I don`t like when somebody kills and beats Ukrainian Nazy and on the contrary.I don`t like Putin too
@cmdeb Christine,it`s center of Kiev, Guys beat candidate of President of Ukraine http://t.co/4crMtJMDsd ... it`s usual thing now(((
@cmdeb I very often come to Eastern Ukraine and I have heard Ukrainians language only in markets near big cities,it`s not original Ukrainian
@cmdeb Tell me cities in US where 80 % citizens speak not in English?
@cmdeb majority of ethnic Ukrainian in Donetsk,Odessa,Lugansk,Kharkov,Dnepropetrovsk,Nikolaev..??Please tell me))
@cmdeb and?Do you think that Russia will invade to Eastern Ukraine?...Yes,these people ask Russian peacekeepers and want their human rights
@cmdeb )))so she knows that Eastern Ukraine (80 % Russians) ..and their language are not official... Do you have such same things in US?
@cmdeb ))) and what city does your mother your mother lives in?
@cmdeb ))) You have never been in Russia and Ukraine... You don`t understand this problem,but you are pretty ..
@cmdeb ))) ouh,as I see ... McCain is your idol..You are not stupid,you watch too much CNN propaganda.Have a nice day
@nationaljournal You know that Florida wants independence from US?))Crimea is Florida for Russia... we don`t want Ukrainian Nazy there
@cmdeb @AblativMeatshld US started revolution of Ukrainian Nazy...please try to understand this problem..You speak English?
@JennyJen68 @SMUMustangAlum On this picture two idiots Kerry and McCain said that they have 50000 soldiers ))) http://t.co/d1G8clvaSo
@JennyJen68 @cdomaika Putin stoped Neo Nazy in Ukraine..You have never been in Russia or Ukraine.Don`t watch too much CNN propaganda

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