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@veteranstoday We say USA and think that it is ISIS
@AJEnglish @tamila87v new brothers are ISIS and Turkey))
@KyivPost activists? Terrorists ..it will be correct..
@andersostlund Amdrey ,are you jocking?Everyday Ukrainian Nazy Bombs civilians in #Donbass #savedonbasspeople
@24todayneteng Canadian people helps Jewesh oligarchs in Ukraine...
RT @DrMarcusP: Erdogan certainly didn't look "saddened" by the shooting down of the #Russianplane . What a repulsive human being he is. #IS…
RT @MargoSavazh: перевода не требует / bu çeviri gerektirmez https://t.co/q7Yhf51Dua
RT @redbrasco: Without tourism, #Turkey would not have the funds to finance a campaign to exterminate the #Kurdish people. https://t.co/BSz…
Tourists from #ISIS will change #Russian tourists in #Turkey
RT @MmaGreen: Pictures: SAA continues advancing in Northern Lattakia countryside crushing Erdogan's terrorists, Salma is in sight! https://…
@Conflicts Turkey vs ISIS?????
@FoxNews Undear Turkey,Stop buy fuel from ISIS and please don't sell weapon them
@business And no sanctions from USA and EU.... Turkey buys fuel from ISIS and sell them weapon
@ademyavuza New Turkey created ISIS...it is awful
RT @ademyavuza: TURKEY – World's biggest prison for #journalists. https://t.co/peGGU8dBsq
https://t.co/snftHb0q6m #Кепка восьмиклинка Гаврош AiS новая. Оригинал Оригинальная зимняя и осенняя шерстяная кепка 8 клинка АиС #Россия
RT @SputnikInt: Got something to hide? #Turkey shows its priorities by downing #Su24 https://t.co/9LQh7TdVQs #BackStabbed #Syria https://t.…
@Liwiaaewska Tell it to victims in Paris....
RT @RussiaInsider: Alexander Mercouris: Here Is Why Erdogan's Ambush of Russian Jet Was a Massive Blunder https://t.co/MkwD9TRZY9 https://t…
@alexo1964 @tvrain за своим носом следи Шура

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