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RT @Oatmeal: No Cathy I don't care what your credentials are I'm not eating that
RT @gregswan: One picture is Salvador Dali and Walt Disney on a boat. The other is @nathantwright and @gregswan at a conference. Basically…
RT @lasertron: Email subject line: "Got a minute?" Me: *deletes immediately*
@PoeBicycle teeth are key to the whole story
Working on character studies for a new thing I'm launching in a few weeks. Stay tuned!
Artist & illustrator friends who use the @kyletwebster mega pack: what are your fav brushes? Playing with them for…
@bengodar PRO TIP: only watch the first half!
@sarahcuda Hi! I saw you're making good use of Patreon for your podcast. I'm considering it for a webcomic I'm laun…
"It's chaos. Be kind." Watched the new @pattonoswalt Netflix special last night. Heartbreaking and devastating - but hopeful.
@tumblr Thanks for the tweet! (And if y'all enjoy the cartoon, give @clayandmilk a follow - I do a few pieces for them each month.)
This is huge!! @kyletwebster brushes are now an exclusive part of Adobe Creative Cloud. 👇🏼
RT @tumblr: Fully loaded. (by @nathantwright)
Things I can get done while Photoshop opens: 1. Assemble an IKEA shelf 2. Successfully complete a Monopoly game 3.…
RT @kumailn: What the fuck even is a wheelhouse and why is something being in it a good thing?
RT @clayandmilk: Des Moines-based @dwolla was one of five Fintech startups to work with the @gatesfoundation on a new payments system https…
"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation." - Jim Hopper
RT @AdamFriedland: Congratulations to the coffee shop with 6$ cold brew that has a “refugees are welcome here” sign in the window
RT @jbarro: It's true most presidents didn't phone the families of dead soldiers if you count presidents who served before widespread phone…
Positive move. Could have been implemented 2-3 years ago.

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Founder of @LavaRow. Des Moines advocate. Public speaker. Airport geek and co-pilot at @Uppward. Iowa State alum. I answer questions about the Internet.

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