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Just became a paying member of @Gimletmedia. Love their shows.
"I run a university. I'm also an Uber driver."
One Hundred Miles and the Marathon - via @UltraRunningMag
Every interaction I have had with @macsales has been best in class. Would recommend them to anyone.
“How We’re Changing the Way We Respond to Petitions” by @Goldman44
OH on Jetties Beach, 65-year-old, "one more check in and I will be the mayor..." cc @dens
An Antidote for Frustration: Aparigraha, or Non-Receiving. @elephantjournal
RT @IMKristenBell: having taken #ubercarpool accidentally & LOVED it, i wanna know why @BillDeBlasio is restricting access in the outer bor…
RT @ev: Wow. @GabbyGiffords
RT @xeni: Happy 30th Birthday, Commodore Amiga! #games
OH You can't live on bread alone. Hot dogs and bread, maybe.
Rental car capless gasoline thingy ftw.
RT @TheRealBuzz: As I made my way down the ladder I partially closed the hatch. Being careful not to lock it on my way out. #Apollo11 http:…
When I was in middle school I desperately wanted to pull off the feathered middle part. That is all.
RT @stewart: Polite Canadian lineup for ice cream leaves alley access unhindered.
Here is a great business idea for anyone: Donald Trump Piñata (sound optional) Seriously.
RT @Scienceofsport: Cycling just keeps giving gifts. Journos, I'll save you time on your reports - just dig up what you wrote in, say, 2004…
Huh. It appears they sell actual food at this CVS.
@owenbrainard @msquinn ATL, Gould's Book of Fish, Let the Great World Spin, Transatlantic.
@sacca @jack mail app on phone and desktop is still best in class

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