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RT @pkedrosky: Awesome. Haunting. Springsteen’s isolated vocals from Born to Run. /via
Apparently FedEx Office now sells chips and soda. Package delivery and sugar delivery! #newrevenue
Music tuition for 70 disadvantaged London children via @GlobalGiving
RT @Snoopy: Snowpy... ❄️❄️❄️
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Bure River in Winter, Vasterbotten, Sweden
The iPhone 6+ is impossible to use while driving or surreptitiously. Unintended win.
Very excited about @messagebus, 2015 is going to be big.
Feels like enough time has passed for JJ Abrams to reimagine or resurrect Lost.
The cleverness of your old instagram photos decays steeply with time.
Walked into a bank last week and I swear I heard someone yell, "Places everyone! We have a customer."
@photomatt @stewart that photo deserved its own boastful hashtag.
@Akeysy seems to be working fine
Q. What's worse than slow wifi on an airplane? A. Voice recognition failure when you are trying to text and drive!
RT @goldman: Come for the s-bomb, stay for the perfect explanation of why the dominant paradigm is bullshit.
Ugh. This isn't good. #BayAreaStorm #hellastorm
RT @TimothyORourke: Just looked out the window at Fifth and Mission. #hellastorm #BayAreaStorm
Mill Valley just canceled the emergency preparedness commission meeting due to storm activity.
Congrats to Google Drive or Docs or Sheets or something. The bottom right corner is the perfect place to have a button to create a New doc.
Seminal post by @om and a reminder why I've been unable to escape the Web + photos for almost 20 years.
I've been using a Denman D5 since high school but am now considering the Smoobee.

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