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In awe of how muddled Google has made Docs and Drive.
RT @BBAnimals: Babies
I just saw two time travelers from 1971. They were on the onramp to 101 hitchhiking.
Spot on, “it just feels off” —@johnbattelle
1984 was one insanely amazing year for pop music.
RT @omershapira:
RT @BBAnimals: baby dolphin 🐬
@nickbilton When do we just start referring to these folks as "ridesharing driver"
@pmarca Incredible. I was the 5th entry in the Web Developer category in 1994. Early mover advantage didn't materialize though.
@jeff @alexia Golden God.
AirDrop is a mythical technology.
@rabois Jeter should retire after the home game. Going to Boston is just lame.
Seems like Ello needs to add a database architect to its 7 artists and designers
@bryce big angry birds fan?
This "seat belt buckle" innovation in China lets you not wear a seat belt. Disables warning signals. Branded too!
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Fallen Aspen Leaves, Colorado
@johnnemann -
I think it is raining
RT @sacca: Please read @ShaunKing's collected thoughts on the injustices in Ferguson and elsewhere. Very powerful messages:…
The @messagebus API is on the way to world domination - “Boomerang, anyone?”

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