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@Jason is the JasonNation™ being reborn on Periscope??
RT @arrington: Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness
@hunterwalk bingo. They've done the same thing with photos.
Has anyone used @SquareCash cashtag in @periscopeco title to get tipped for playing music yet? cc @jack @kayvz
RT @ev: #Periscope
@kairyssdal @anniextan @Marketplace totally disagree. was great. you just need a set up where you can get feedback during pauses.
@zpower works great with airplay to Apple TV
@KatieS RT -
RT @Marketplace: LIVE on #Periscope: @kairyssdal
RT @fakeproducthunt: WeWorkTomorrow: a coworking space with no desks—just a ping pong table, couches, and a Kegerator
RT @Benioff: Thank you @ncaa! NCAA 'concerned' over Indiana law that allows biz to reject gays!
@johnolilly @erickschonfeld @danprimack not the end, just the top. Embedded livestreams will find people everywhere including millennials
NYC Building Explosion and now Twitter + @periscopeco = game changing.
./@shanesmith30 on CNBC via @periscopeco. "Just because the news cycle changes doesn't mean the story is over."
RT @mlevchin: What is happening in Indiana is pretty unbelievable. However it’s dressed up, it’s a signal that discrimination is welcome in…
@johnolilly @erickschonfeld @danprimack meerkat might capture long tail of personal live video with a distinctive feature
@johnolilly @erickschonfeld @danprimack yeah, respectfully disagree. Twitter is the supernetwork and will filter all of global media.
@periscopeco send a summary email at the end of each day of "you've been followed"
@erickschonfeld @johnolilly @danprimack FB is not the global information network. Not about live video, this is all about Twitter.

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