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RT @VictorConte: It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahlil Gibran
@arrington aren't you a vehement anti hand shaker?
“Student Body” by @lizadonnelly
@arrington rest assured you have a pledge from me never to shake your hand again
@markfwespn @OTLonESPN 5/5 I mean, a non trivial number of people have been killed by javelin and discus as spectator/volunteer.
@markfwespn 4/5 It seems irresponsible not to frame the recent @OTLonESPN coverage against some known numbers. Feels too sensationalist.
@markfwespn 3/5 competitive runners -
@markfwespn 2/5 I don't know of any deaths. We know the rough mortality rate for marathoners and we also know the high (74%) injury rate for
@markfwespn 1/5 I believe there have been 500,000 entrants total for the last 5 years of the @crossfit Open/Games (not a beginner event)
@TJQuinnESPN do you think you could nudge @markfwespn to answer?
Strongly dislike the phrase "Internet TV"
@markfwespn Risk of death running a marathon is 0.8 per 100,000. What is it for @crossfit?
@msquinn @pmarca the only B I got from K-12 was in wood shop. Still sore about that.
RT @Ruxputin: For what it's worth, my thoughts on being an entrepreneur and the road to selling your company. via @p…
That moment in the day when the emoji take over.
RT @olyphil: Best Photobomb in history? (Via @DailyMailUK)
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Evening Light on the Baltic Coast
@pmarca have you read cc @dickc
“Let’s fly” by @craigmod via @Chipp
For those of you who love a well architected load of dishes -

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