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RT @OldTakesExposed: Tweets from when the Warriors were down 22 to the Spurs early in the game Wednesday night http…
Can't wait for the day when there are no more car commercials.
RT @christianmaioli: Six Stages of Debugging #programming #humor
Finally saw + ❤️'d Hamilton.Then discovered that cousin @catielazarus did @EOTMshow ep w/ @Lin_Manuel pre-H in 2013!
I think the Rockets just got the basketball equivalent of being punched in the mouth by @MikeTyson. #DubNation
I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
@mcuban @timoreilly we need more Nerd Cuban!
@mgsiegler are you having a moment of clarity between video games? cc @msquinn
@karaswisher you could repackage that as "Full Elon" and circulate with some gifs of @waltmossberg's quizzical looks
@karaswisher clear from a lot of reactions to Elon's new thing that many more people should be watching videos from Recode Conference!
This form placeholder for email address is an easy 💯
Dear @jaredkushner, the first thing the Office of American Innovation needs to achieve is workplace diversity.
I'll admit it. I get a tiny bit of joy when the Cavs lose.
RT @Cadigan: Fabulous sloth FTW! RT @fatgirlphd: High point of my week: photo of a sloth getting rescued and being fabulous 💃…
@clmazin @maggieNYT @costareports wait, why is he calling fake news outlets?!
RT @rejectedjokes: Me- "Siri, what time is it?" Siri- "I don't know, why don't you ask Alexa you cheating piece of shit!"
@mgsiegler @danprimack
RT @Snoopy: Celebrating National Puppy Day! 🐶
@bryanclark @sarahcuda @benthompson @Medium Medium is a platform. Apple has done well scaling a content platform with monetization feature.

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