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RT @ShalaneFlanagan: 40 Kenyan athletes have tested positive in the last 2 years!!! #WTF my heart hurts💔
Here's an idea, let's send a marketing email out on Black Friday.
RT @Snoopy: Ate too much.
RT @Snoopy: Happy Thanksgiving!
This market had Stumptown Nitro. #safetyfirst
FiveThirtyEight: How the Warriors are breaking the NBA - via @ESPN App
@mbaratz ugh I just hearted a violent sentiment. More emojis Twitter!
@photomatt how many lines of code did you contribute to Calypso?
Prius driver smoking a cigarette. Curious hybrid.
As if on queue! I can't wait!!!!
@tedr boom, though there is a u in smurfs.
Like Us on Facebook belongs in a Coupland novel.
RT @ashleyfeinberg: hit me on aim :)
awesome awesome Awesome AWESOME #awesome
RT @lizadonnelly: Not Only Paris
Consensus: how @carlquintanilla greets Monday
@sacca Julie says hi and 86-84.
Just finished Black Swan Green. My new favorite David Mitchell book. Thanks @cjacoby
Man in the high castle. S1E1

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