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Fatigued by contrarian headlines and articles.
“Medium is not a publishing tool” by @ev
@owenbrainard @davidhornik ha! You'd have to add YC, LinkedIn, and a bunch more.
@davidhornik Seriously, I just looked at the original spreadsheet with names. Prescient is the only suitable term.
If @davidhornik's 2007 Lobby Conf had been a fund portfolio...
@JamieMSmyth @alleniverson apparently you didn't watch the documentary
The @alleniverson doc was riveting. Hard to process that Steph Curry has 3" and 25lbs on him.
RT @ev: Scott Wiener is on point. This is insane.
Excited to LMAO at the @crowdrise powered @amyschumer & Friends show w/@JuddApatow
@moneyries not the first, you missed this painfully awkward one
. @POTUS blow everyone's minds and Periscope from a cabinet meeting
RT @Snoopy: Peace & Love! 🌸✌️
App Release Notes are becoming a new marketing/branding channel.
Wow. “Training for Discontent” by Sarah Eisner
You do not have an email inbox problem. You have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram problem.
RT @miketatum: I just explained Twitter to a person in their 60′s as a “forum” where nerds w/ lots of “fans” can harass major corporations …
One of today's @nytimes crossword answers is @carr2n 😢
@ev @McConaughey I love that the speech was delivered seated
@ev those are some great insights by @McConaughey amidst some seriously disturbing typography

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