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.@PostalSystem I get 20lbs per month of catalogs and junk mail. Something isn't being priced appropriately.
Simple idea for @USPS - charge 10x for catalogs and circulars.
RT @Snoopy: Beauty tips by Snoopy.
Experimenting with the 60 second shower. Surprising flow hack. cc @ev
I think the #Ferguson PD are operating under a media blackout.
RT @Tortured_Verse: I wonder how much in debt City of #Ferguson will be after they lose all those civil lawsuits because their police shred…
RT @timothycsimons: Where are my #opencarry @nra patriots tonight calling to arm the Ferguson citizens against government oppression?
RT @carlquintanilla: The #ALS #IceBucketChallenge finally gets the @nytimes treatment. (via @emilysteel)
RT @hodgman: One time when I was attending Yale University I stole a beer from the supermarket and I was not shot and killed. I drank the b…
I just ate a Maalox as a snack.
@mlevchin I deliberately buy random things to confuse Amazon.
Had no idea Robin Williams was a 34 min 10k runner years ago.
Very much enjoyed the essays in Night Running by @TJQuinnESPN @dahliasc @SteveKettmann @petedanko
RT @abrams: What I Saw in Ferguson via @nuzzel thanks @maassp
RT @pmarca: This, I think, is one of the most significant images of our time, and why I think Orwell was wrong. ht @LizPeinadoSTL http://t.…
RT @msquinn: This essay on the world's most unlikely KC Royals fan is everything that's awesome about sports. Just great.…
RT @monstro: “White gun activists walk around with assault rifles while unarmed black men are shot reaching for their wallets.”…
RT @mradamscott:

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