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RT @KingLadyGaga: THIS PHOTO RIGHT HERE IS THE MOST ICONIC THING THAT EVER HAPPEND!!!!!! #MetGala #breaktheinternet2k15…
Selfie stick can also be used as a reading aid when your eyesight starts to diminish.
State of tech/media reporting is crisp responsive UI with largely drivel, mostly drivel, or some original thoughts surrounded by drivel.
./@sacca is a natural @periscope, seriously (I would let you know if he wasn't) -- talking all about this new thing
Great interview with @rosie on what is important in life with @catielazarus -
Boxing Red Kangaroos, Sturt National Park, Australia via @webshots
@TimHaines yes. 8 spam and 0 legit
@film_girl @mashable I think the pro-periscope tweets about the fight were about how HBO used it effectively to go behind the scenes.
When someone asks, "what is snapchat?" What is the one sentence answer now? @zseward @nickbilton anyone?
RT @sacca: The winner of tonight's fight? Periscope. @HBOboxing just took us into @MannyPacquiao's dressing room. Live.…
@SimplyAJ10 don't praise liars and cheats.
@anildash how are you on open DM? I am 0 for 8.
By orders of magnitude there have been more misinformed or just plain bad articles written about Twitter than any other company.
@lisaechow @podcaststartup s2 is killing it already! Consider switching up your pronunciation of Silicon Valley, most in CA favor British
@benthompson lol. People read headlines these days. I didn't find a clear case later in article for Twitter having "excuses" either.
@benthompson right, that is my point, you are burying yours in a footnote which makes it ambiguous to the reader.
@benthompson @stratechery huh, you are using ambiguity to make a point?
@benthompson @stratechery NASDAQ leaked the results, not Twitter.

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