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When she isn't busy running a company or trash talking @karaswisher is a great writer -- The Tim Cook Moment Is Here
My Halloween photos are way better than than yours.
I will be up all night blueprinting everything.
In what universe is @richardbranson a dilettante? @jeffreykluger your article is completely off base
RT @sacca: Brave pioneer died conducting research. Go fuck yourself, Time. “@TIME: "Virgin Galactic crash: A tragedy of hubris"…
@stewart time unveil the secret plan to pivot back to the game!
RT @jcal7: A drone's eye view of #foundercamp #trueventures. Thank you @chr1sa !
eating a sandwich #twitter2007 tag @sacca
RT @stewart: OK men: we ought all watch this 2 min video summarizing street harassment over a 10 hour NYC walk: Kudo…
Working on a wearable t-shirt that creates ad-hoc wifi and also lets you pay for goods.
@mlevchin -- @nickbilton:It'd take "around 140 eight-ounce cups of coffee in one day" to die from too much caffeine:”
@Joshmedia @tedr @mabelcalliope fear the hornets!
@Joshmedia fear?! Seeing one is a mitzvah! @tedr @mabelcalliope
15 years ago today we sold @webshots to Excite@Home. Go figure.
The transformation is now complete. Facebook is AOL reincarnated.
@waxpancake I've been running Defrag for like 15 minutes. Nothing seems to be happening. via @youtube
RT @nkislinger: CA spends $9,100 per student each yr and $62,300 per prisoner. @natalieispoetry (via @Upworthy) #Yeson47 #CApol…
13 people who really made big butts cool. Oy, how did I get here?

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