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@sacca @kevinweil @aroetter If you've seen Kevin crush a 50 miler, just not a surprise to see him battling for big wins!
This helps a lot. Safari: command + backtick.
@ChelseaVPeretti seriously, you can't move your fingers fast enough to start and stop in .05 seconds.
Just published “Siblings. At Breakfast.”
4 Photos Of Puppies That You'll Want To Snuggle
Got a promo email from Apple to install Yosemite. Shouldn't they know it was already installed?
It may be that we know far too much about one another.
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Polar Bear, Svalbard, Norway
Tufted Coquette, Trinidad and Tobago
@seanmgregory 2/ hgh or testosterone may be helping pitchers relatively more now that harder steroids aren't used by hitters as much.
@seanmgregory 1/ disagree, you have arod using tons of stuff and conte saying that mlb drug test is an IQ test.
@seanmgregory enjoyed your article on royals but this isn't the "post-steroid" era. PEDs could be helping pitchers disproportionally.
Apparently instagram is working on a square phone.
@joshelman polka!!! @sippey
@sacca I call bullsh_t. Your heart is too big to leave others behind. @peterpham
RT @jnovogratz: I just returned from Ghana to see the team and @acumen investments - here is my most recent update!
RT @Snoopy: Snoopy is very talented.
Enjoying an elaborate breakfast. I am going to make the dental hygienist work for it today.
RT @BBAnimals: baby sloth high five '

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