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@msquinn @pmarca the only B I got from K-12 was in wood shop. Still sore about that.
RT @Ruxputin: For what it's worth, my thoughts on being an entrepreneur and the road to selling your company. via @p…
That moment in the day when the emoji take over.
RT @olyphil: Best Photobomb in history? (Via @DailyMailUK)
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Evening Light on the Baltic Coast
@pmarca have you read cc @dickc
“Let’s fly” by @craigmod via @Chipp
For those of you who love a well architected load of dishes -
@dickc @omid 5:07 Fran! now REM B-Side 'your head's shaking and your arms are shaking and your feet are shaking cause the earth is shaking'
RT @michaelpollan: Finally: gluten free water! Seen in Salvador, Brazil
For all the imbeciles who think PEDs are ok or should be legal. Here's a disturbing trend -
Gerlache Strait, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Don't send your kid to the ivy league. Great insight into the state of higher education -
RT @Snoopy: Ice Cream is everything.
Zygi Wilf: Release Vikings' complete discrimination investigation report to the public via @Change
RT @lizadonnelly: NO!! RT @vanessadinning: This is fab! RT @AllenStairs: Jealous RT @makizdat: @ninatypewriter No. Just no.…
Excellent -
Also, I can't even count how many times I've looked for a "Read it Later" link on my Facebook feed! #zero
At desk, paralyzed by tasks and endless possibility. Hiding over here on Twitter.
A guy in the supermarket came over to shake my hand because he liked my Aviato t-shirt so much.

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