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Does anyone know an ad network that sells and serves in-app ads into a desktop app?
@nickbilton or maybe the astral projection of Jill Abramson
@JAvnet impressive -
Go @JAvnet
@chamath looks like an @chamath on @chamath on @chamath night!
RT @ChrisWarcraft: Good to know that for the Vikings, as long as your *intent* is to discipline your kid, you can beat the fuck out of them…
@rabois you know that Apple Bitcoin wallet is coming!!!! cc @pmarca
The pantry should be a place to get things not a place to keep them.
@Joshmedia with the acknowledgement about head trauma by NFL, hard to support football at any level now.
This article makes it hard for any parent to condone kids playing football at any level.
RT @FascinatingVid: This is a lion making a kill in the wild. It’s very graphic but it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be. h…
@jess dig in. It is going to be tough. Be prepared for 13 hours or so! And keep eating!
How many ways could this be ticketed?
RT @webshots: Today's Photo: Tribute in Light, Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
RT @wingoz: Roger Goodell's words to Saints regarding bounty gate.."ignorance is not an excuse"
@shellen @hunterwalk 2008 baby!
@nickbilton I am going to keep my watch in my pocket
RT @mjones: A phone that I don't use to make calls now paired with a watch I don't use to tell time.
The new Apple Watch screen required materials sourced from asteroids.
RT @nickbilton: The two new iPhones are very large with 4.7” and 5.5” displays. (That means hipsters are going to need skinny jeans with bi…

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