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@peterpham @adambain @Pantelligent first healthy thing we've seen you eat this year Peter.
RT @FullFrontalSamB: Shouldn't #TedCruz have been forced to carry his unviable campaign to term?
RT @Adam: My idea for surfacing the best of real-time Twitter
RT @RoadandTrack: Elon Musk Says Tesla's Autopilot Lowers Accident Probability by 50 Percent
Vocoder and encryption. More great stuff from @romanmars -- Vox Ex Machina cc @mlevchin
Maybe add "Safety" to the banner in the back? Also, I saw @axlrose do this back in 1989.
@craigmod I'm curious because I find it does aid exercise recovery per
@craigmod how are those?
RT @Snoopy: This will be my week!
RT @adambain: ⚡️ “100-year-old sets world record at Penn Relays, NBD”
@bryce @scott_dunlap has
This happened and I successfully had zero emotional response.
RT @ABC: WATCH: Pres. Obama drops the mic at end of #WHCD remarks: "Obama out"
RT @MarkJonesESPN: I dare you to tell me @AustinRivers25 is in the NBA because of his Dad.21pts,8 ast,6 reb,11 stitches.#Respect💯Tough http…
Loving S3 of @podcaststartup. Especially @justinkan -- a long way from the 2.0 Kiko / @30Boxes / gCal days!
@dickc @sippey @tyreus I blame the pernicious McDonald's "Good Morning" campaign. Put an end to multinational corporations!
@sippey what???! cc @tyreus
Apple describes their MacBook as "Quietly astonishing."
RT @biz: Introducing Jelly, A New Search Engine—available today!
Lounge @redwhalecoffee ☕️👍👍👍

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