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RT @chrisburkard: Beach day..
RT @smithsonian: Wishing everyone a fun and festive #July4!
“Dear President Hollande,” by @loic
RT @Snoopy: Peace and quiet. ☀️
I just saw a unicyclist.
We're going to need more pronouns.
@rsarver I think you should refine this to products you use daily and love. Will end up being short because there is a lot of daily meh.
@danprimack @davemorin I really dislike that todo analogy. Email is just an unordered list. One chooses how to prioritize or act on it.
RT @WhiteHouse: "This is progress. Step by step, America is moving forward. Middle-class economics works." —@POTUS
@benbrown as soon as you realize you need a "password reset" it is obvious you don't need a password!
“It is (Past) Time for Passwordless Login” by @benbrown
Ediza Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California via @webshots
Looks like people are reading the same App Notes script. Thanks for reading this tweet!
@tedr I liked season one but am loving season two of HaCF
RT @_dte: Four black churches set on fire. Coverage from: ❌ CNN ❌ ABC ❌ FOX ❌ NBC ❌ BBC ❌ NYTimes ✔️ BuzzFeed
@nickbilton I am sad that I have no cookies
RT @nickbilton: If you ask Siri "what is zero divided by zero" you'll hear the campaign strategy for Donald Trump's presidential bid.
RT @wser100: Cool video from drone of Krar finishing
@LizKotalik #badidea
If your iOS push notification doesn't contain information of value, please don't send it.

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