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@Joshmedia @photomatt oh we see it.
from Bone Clocks "Men marry women hoping they’ll never change. Women marry men hoping they will."
@rabois @hunterwalk I freaking love when @rabois plays the character @rabois #tripleatreply 🍒🍒🍒
Who knew these tasty gum sticks were still for sale!
@goldman is that above or below never get involved in a land war in Asia?
RT @NateSilver538: Wilson's case was in state court not federal court. But still "something has gone horribly wrong” when no indictment. ht…
RT @KatieS: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - MLK Jr. #FergusonDecision
After loving @podcaststartup now excited to be backing @Gimletmedia @abexlumberg @mlieber via @alphaworks!
So this sums up media reaction to Uber.
RT @semil: Must read @davewiner’s comments on Uber & the tech press:
Did @gideonyu start a company and @karaswisher not have the scoop?! #howisthispossible #thecatstrikesagain
RT @gideonyu: RT @BradStone: Valley Veteran Gideon Yu Tries His Hand at Starting a Company via @BW
Insane snow. View from a house in Orchard Park NY #lakeeffect
RT @KBCWtv: Winter's coming: 1 very chunky bear spotted lumbering around South Lake Tahoe -
2/ "Sent from my Desktop. Please appreciate the prose and attention to detail."
1/Feels like a mobile email signature is now an artifact.
RT @wser100: Help protect the WS Trail. Granite Chief Expansion:
Jason Brown Quit The NFL To Become Farmer and learned how on YouTube(!)
RT @UmmmSassy: I've waited my whole life for this moment
@karaswisher @om @nickbilton how are you all so good at avoiding controversy!

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