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RT @NHL: #Canada150
@1310NEWS That means she'll spend more of our tax $$$ to try to buy votes.
@CBCNews Do the liberals ever say where this magical bag of money is coming from?
@mashable Copy and paste?
@CBCNews Wait, the Ont economy is strong right now? Tons of empty building a near my work and flat employment rates.
@CBCOttawa She's got to go....
RT @MHoffy68: What an incredible group of guys. Thank you sens fans for your support throughout this exciting…
@ErikKarlsson65 Thank you for an incredible run, it's was extremely exciting to watch. #GoSensGo
@SensChirp Please step away from the beer. 🍺🍻
RT @NHL: One step closer. #StanleyCup
@PierreVLeBrun Yep, he can spear people's groins like no one else in the NHL.
@BonksMullet Tons of empty seats here, really surprising.
@OttawaCitizen Golfing...
@ottawasuncom She just needs to go away, can we have an election tomorrow?
RT @HockeyScanner: Who isn't thrilled to death for MacArthur after what he's been through?
RT @BonksMullet: Here's an idea: Score this time.
@SensNation Yikes 9 minutes more of #5 than #3.
@MobileSyrup And the big guys response will be to offer more "value" by increasing rates.
@CBCOttawa And to fight this trend the big guys keep upping their rates. #stupidity

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