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@CNitrates I stay at Lee's house when I am on the peninsula and have been to the Pub often. Lee eats there several times a week. Small world
@CNitrates The funny thing is that they guy I was going to eat with tonight is Lee Isgur who lives around the corner from the Village Pub.
@CNitrates In our daze, forgot to say thank you to John and the crew in the kitchen. Please, please pass along our heartfelt thanks for all.
@kittenwithawhip @LincolnPDX Sorry! That's what happens when you live in the Japanese countryside. I guess I'm living in a bubble!
@TokyoVince My father, Richard Collum Singleton spent his whole life after MIT & Stanford @SRI_Intl - takes me back.
@TokyoVince Wish you could as well!
@kittenwithawhip Do you have any TT people in PDX that you would like to send to a lunch @LincolnPDX 1/23 to introduce artisanal JP ingreds?
What a visit! The kabura zushi was particularly delicious this year. Tadaaki made specially for Sandor.
Third collaboration at Shed should prove to be a great one! Previewing new material from mid-Showa. Very cool never…
@rtsong00 @JunjuSF I've been reading about Juju. Looking forward.
@rtsong00 I leave for pdx on 1/22. Collabo dinner at Rintaro 1/17 and Shed on 1/18. Posted on FB. Where have you landed?
@rtsong00 Still at Central Kitchen? Arrive from JP 1/14 was going to come in Mon, 1/16. Waited too long to reserve. Will try another window.
@ryan_roadhouse I would like to invite you to a private lunch at Lincoln 1/23 if you are free. Don't have your email.
Kanchan - Kanji Nakatani of Soba Ro - cutting soba noodles for toshikoshi soba to go with the…
This year's osechi ryori by Kanji Nakatani in a previous year's ceramic plate. Orientation…
And now the master: Tadaaki Hachisu. Pounding mochi since he was in grade school 45 years ago.…
A strong showing pounding mochi by katycole19 of garden_house_crafts despite the mallet being…
Tadaaki fixes the mochi and @sandorkraut finishes it off. Tiring! #mochipounding #mochi…
@Namae_san pounding mochi at our house. Tadaaki Hachisu in attendance. #mochipounding #mochi…
"An unexpected & beautiful encounter" created by @Namae_san and his team @MadamTouchan a couple…

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A Slow Food Educator in Japan who lives, cooks and writes from an organic farm. Andrews McMeel is publishing my cookbook/memoir Sept 2012: Japanese Farm Food.

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