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@Gina_Caro yummy! I'll be watching on iplayer later in the week!
@vickymcreations yes, fantastic - I'll be covering alternatives to clingfilm during the week so this would tie in beautifully :)
RT @zeropercent: Teaching kids at school to waste less food: via @msnbc #NoFoodWasted
@vickymcreations Stick to reuse LOL!
@vickymcreations I was veggie for 20 years (not any more) but trying vegan has been impossible for me - I get hungry and miserable :/
@vickymcreations Wow; that's quite some challenge! You know the theme is 'reuse'? That might help you hone your pledge :) x
Clearing out kitchen cupboards? Check out @vickymcreations floating shelves! #DumpYourJunk
@vfs01 Thanks for the follow, Vance - hope you're having a great weekend :)
@mithomas20 @KeepBritainTidy but you're doing a wonderful job, Michael - kudos to you #zerowaste
Save money & protect resources with these #zerowaste alternatives to cling film #frugal
@Joe_Beardsworth What a wonderful achievement. It would be great if you could send your fairy here to gee up my husband ;) #dumpyourjunk
@MrOrganic @Ocado Yay! Fantastic news - you've just found yourself a new customer :)
@CherylInTheUK OMG! How exciting; they look wonderful Cheryl - congratulations! *happy dance*
@Ocado Thank you! So, @BionaOrganic are your canned chick peas ok for people with peanut allergy?
@Ocado thanks for your response. Hey @mrorganic - are your canned chick peas safe for people with peanut allergy?
@waitrose Ok, thanks for update. Will keep fingers crossed; I'm down to my last tin :( Any alternatives - organic and nut free?
@waitrose yes, that's them! They've been out of stock for ages and no longer on @ocacdo listing. Any news? (And thank you for responding!)
@mommyemu wonderful answers - thanks for playing :)
Robert Palmer was addicted to Love. @mommyemu is addicted to rubbish!
@ocado @waitrose have you stopped waitrose organic canned chickpeas? Haven't seen for weeks :( Need organic & nut free substitute?

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I’m a Blogging, cat loving, all dancing, sometimes singing Green Goddess. In 2009 I created just 1 bin of waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.

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