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indulgent body lotion bars from @hipurpleclouds No nasties, no packaging!
@Ecothrifty @bestECOshop blackberries sound lush. I love blackcurrants too and know I've got some frozen somewhere - must dig them out!
@bestECOshop @Ecothrifty just avocado and frozen raspberries in ecothriftys recipe - simple and yummy!
Delicious 2 ingredient 'Use it up!' desert from @ecothrifty #zerowaste
Let's ditch the black plastic trays with @k_phillipson lasagne recipe #zerowaste
@W9DryGoodsStore @Gina_Caro yup - spices turn something ordinary into the extraordinary. @smallftprints is a huge fan of herbs / spices too!
@Gina_Caro No worries; it's a great post. How are you getting on?
@hipurpleclouds - really enjoyed reading all about Zathras :) He's my cat crush :D
You don't need non recyclable crinkly packaging with @k_phillipson hot cross buns #recipe
Would you sit on a chair made of cardboard? @wonderthrift is a fan:
This month's newsletter features @GdnLiveBetter #livebetterchallenge
zero hero @simplybeingmum tells us how to bake a cake!
Fab #zerowaste & #frugal ways to save money on food by @Gina_Caro
@littlemummy35 @makeandmendyear what did you decide on in the end, Jen?
@mommyemu Oh, great find - thank you for sharing!
RT @RubbishdietWL: #Harrow Bin Dr @ Saathi Group now! Learning to be recycling pros 1of5 easy #RubbishDiet steps htt…
Featured in this month's newsletter: #RubbishDiet Big Spring Clean - it's time to declutter without landfill waste!
Love garam masala? Here's how to make your own from @Amrita86
In this month's newsletter Nominate your Easter Egg zero heros. Which brands are reducing packaging this year?
This month's newsletter features @simplybeingmum simple cheese sauce recipe

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I’m a Blogging, cat loving, all dancing, sometimes singing Green Goddess. In 2009 I created just 1 bin of waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.

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