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'@simplybeingmum shares her NAIL soup #recipe!
Why reducing waste can be bad for your health #thinkhepatitis
@makeandmendyear indeed. Use it up and all that ... ;) x
@makeandmendyear here's one - bit ouchy on price!
@makeandmendyear I'm sure I've seen stainless steel moulds?
@iiEUK @changeagentsuk some great ones there; I used the bottom right one for #zerowasteweek last year - really gets message across :)
Planning the 'textiles' day for #zerowasteweek and drawing a blank! What shall I write about? Any questions? Tips?
@RiverfordCwall @mommyemu I find fridge ok if not too green, otherwise they never ripen. Or make into guacamole and freeze.
@W9DryGoodsStore @KarenCannard love some of the phrases - recycling is the 8th wonder of the world and "Enter a secret amazing world" :D
Don't forget! #makedoandmendhour - brainchild of @makeandmendyear. Every Thus 8-9pm
@Mehubbyandkids @Westywrites @Tesco Nor me! How about a trial to see if loose footballs reduces sales?
How The Sharing Economy Can Save Your Summer by @trudlenoodle
Here you go @westywrites, this is @Tesco answer to wrapping footballs in plastic wrap - so they don't get scuffed / damaged...
@sccscot thanks for following; would your team be interested in signing up for #zerowasteweek?
Zero Hero @Polythenepam has found #zerowaste drinking chocolate!
Could you do this 'one more Thing' @mommyemu advises for #zerowasteweek?
Three ways to use up bread crusts, inspired by Get Cooking! (Anne Marie)...
@angbroadbridge great - thanks Angela; will be in touch :)
Plastic footballs sold in plastic wrap via @westywrites Give me one good reason @Tesco? #happytohelp the environment?
@moonfruit I LOVE my boss!

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I’m a Blogging, cat loving, all dancing, sometimes singing Green Goddess. In 2009 I created just 1 bin of waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.

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