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@Ecothrifty Loved reading your progress; you're doing brilliantly. I reckon if you don't hit Ā£10k , you'll do it next yr b/c ground wrk done
@MaliksWaqas @madvixen1983 @MSE_Forum thank you but I didn't say I wanted to get rid of the grey hair! I rather like it ;)
@polytheenpam @KarenCannard @Ecothrifty @Westywrites @mommyemu not weird; admire you. Clothes are weakness of mine but I aspire 2 capsule!
MT @plasticexpertuk: one of the cosmetic industry's greatest recycling schemes
RT @Ecothrifty: Anyone fancy joining a virtual sustainable book club? #susbc
Get it right every time with this guide to #recycling symbols
@RecycleforEssex We rarely have left overs either as I eat too much of it. I'll test it out :)
@RecycleforEssex Thank you!
Love Food, Hate Waste? Join in with @simplybeingmum #foodwastefriday
@KarenCannard I reckon Lycra and a hi vis jacket are essential !
@RecycleforEssex @LFHW_uk has always wondered that; can you defrost to use or can you only use it as 'ice cream'?
@KarenCannard @W9DryGoodsStore mine still going strong after 8 years; so I'm a happy bunny. Just retired my 16 year (I think) Dyson to WEEE
RT @Woollypedlar: The planet only has a finite number of resources - let's #reuse them.
@mommyemu @polytheenpam @Ecothrifty @Westywrites @KarenCannard @makeandmendyear :D everyone will be signing up for our book club soon!
@kerryjeanlister @KarenCannard @polytheenpam @Ecothrifty @Westywrites @makeandmendyear @mommyemu *waves* thanks for intro Karen x
@polytheenpam šŸ˜€ he'll be worn out from both of us!
@fabgiovanetti I needed that reminder; feeling so depressed today. Time to get my awesome on šŸ™… thank you x
@plus_packaging glass all the way for me! Heavy & breakable yes but Easier to reuse / recycle #zerowaste
Don't forget! #makedoandmendhour - brainchild of @makeandmendyear. Every Thus 8-9pm
RT @planetstraight: Waste is an error of design: via @SustainBrands #Sustainability

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Iā€™m a Blogging, cat loving, all dancing, sometimes singing Green Goddess. In 2009 I created just 1 bin of waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.

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