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Finishing That Endless Manuscript
History for Fantasy Writers: Barber Surgeons #fantasy #amwriting
Humor in Fantasy Fiction
Making Romance Epic - 5 Tips for Writers
Write Drunk, Edit Sober? via @stacitroilo
In the Time of The Pied Piper of Hamelin By Mary Ann Bernal. #history behind the #fairytale #Germany @BritonandDane…
Insider and Outsider Viewpoints
Writing Lessons Learned from the Work of Dr. King via @ph_solomon
Personality Types for Characters via @ph_solomon
Font Series 1: 10 Awesome and Absolutely Free Fonts via @EricMhl10
Every Writer Needs a Little Help via @Virgilante
No Wasted Ink Writer's Links via @wvancamp
3 Easy Steps to Crafting a Language for Your Fantasy Novel
Writing the Military: 5 Biggest Mistakes
How to Make the Magic in Your Story... Magical
4 Elements of Epic Storytelling
Why Harry Potter Rocked
What Your Local Librarian Can Do for Authors
Let's Talk About Theme
Fantasy Music - What Inspires You?

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