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Hands on review of NETGEAR's impressive new Orbi WIFi system:
DD-WRT "Kong Mod" updated for NETGEAR routers as of 2016-11-10: #ddwrt
Community member mdrew helps you set up OpenVPN on your NETGEAR R7000:
#DDWRT Kong Mod using changeset 30700 updated for NETGEAR open source capable routers:
#DDWRT Kong Mod NETGEAR builds are updated as of 2016-09-09:
DD-WRT "Kong Mod" now available for NETGEAR R7500v2 and R7800:
Community member Voxel has created custom firmware with Entware-ng for the NETGEAR R7500v1 and R7800:
#Tomato firmware by shibby is now available for NETGEAR R6400:
#DDWRT "Kong Mod" now available for NETGEAR R6400:
DD-WRT Support Release for NETGEAR Nighthawk R8500, based on r29627:
@GregRexUzelac Hi Greg, were you able to reset your password? Let us know if you're still having issues.
Having trouble using your VPN app on your T-Mobile phone (US?) Here's a trick:
#DDWRT support releases for R8000 and R7000 by Tathagata have been released. Based on rev29627.
RT @dafacto: @myopenrouter Wrote up my experience, “How to protect your home network with a VPN router”—
#Tomato firmware by shibby for NETGEAR R6250, R6300v2, and R7000 Nighthawk updated to 136-MultiWAN:
@dafacto Awesome! This is a great writeup. The R7000 is a beast at handling VPN w/ Tomato.
#Tomato by shibby now available for the NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk! Details:
Kong has ported #DDWRT to the NETGEAR R7800! More details and download here:
#DDWRT Kong Mod updated for several NETGEAR routers, including the R8000 and R8500:
#DDWRT Kong Mod updated as of 03/30/2016, grab the latest updates for several #NETGEAR routers including the R8500!

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