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379 Friends over here now...come play:)
havent tweeted in weeks!!! thought id say HI!!
btw...the Sat LateNight Trade Game is ON!!! come over and play with us:)
hiya!!! hows everyone doing??? my question this eve...if you had a personal elf for the holidays...what would their duties be?
North Carolina???
have i mentioned this...? ***Communities Caring for Children*** needs your help:)
***Communities Caring for Children*** needs your help:) a friend of mine did this...OMG isnt he adorable?
hiya twitter to help out?
trading for the cause even... come on peeps!
@LieblingDesigns oh you rock, thnx sooo much!! hubby is going to be thrilled!
@Fundoodies123 lol...oh you are too much!!! lol
@LieblingDesigns OMG!!! im orig from iowa...never heard of them..instructions? lol like a herd of last plug...PLEASE help if you can:)
@LieblingDesigns may i ask what that is?
@Fundoodies123 so are you telling me to get off my butt? lol they're napping right now;)
ok this is just damn cute! FP now..
@LieblingDesigns thnx!!! cant believe ive been here for even this long and didnt know!;)
@CarriedAwayTeam AHAH...thnx:)
woohoo im loving my twitterfriends:) thnx for coming over and helping!

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hey all! thnx for droppin by my lil korner. im a sahm crafty mama & i make a point to learn or meet something/someone new each intro yourself!