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@MathasGames "I could've sworn I just drew from the deck"
@NorthernlionLP Bet missile command doesnt seem so bad now huh!
@NorthernlionLP Only who can protect Sunset City? You pressed "You" referring to me. The correct answer was you.
@NorthernlionLP Boil 2 eggs bitch
@quill18 I found your channel through DCSS. Always good to see more.
@quill18 Quill, check out VASSAL for recording boardgames. You get modules for popular titles. Easier than recording on a table
@snoopeh It's empty water bottles for you to pee in
@msftsecresponse Any news on this being available in WSUS?
@tommcmaster Wewere promisedjetpacks Not just a good name
@tommcmaster Pretty awesome fake punt!
@tommcmaster Looking forwards to a drink on wednesday already tbh. In the meantime: Bay-splosion
@tommcmaster Terminator was cracking although it had a bit of this in places:
@tommcmaster guy turn up yet? im off work today if you want to PUSH LITTLE CART!
@tommcmaster Y-y-y-y-y-your j-j-just using the wrong kind of water
@tommcmaster good to have you back. if you're feeling a bit geeky check out the google wave demo here: mind blown
@tommcmaster I challenge you to watch this and not laugh:
watching the Manchester derby. Man it's dull
@tommcmaster @tommcmaster i have spent the last hour with a pencil and paper on the ladbrokes site. it's not easy this betting lark!

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