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Just watched the ISS fly by overhead... pretty frickin' amazing!
David Sedaris is so tiny and cute! And funny.
The cats always run from the vacuum, that's a given. One of them decided to make a statement today by vomiting on it. Well played, kitty.
Hello Kitty in Space (kinda) -
Abusive people always feel justified in wishing abuse or misfortune towards others.
@leighparker82 Well, make sure it's a Hello Kitty coat then. : )
@leighparker82 that guitar is awesome! Just play it more!!!
@leighparker82 absence of style can be style! I think you have a cute look. What do you picture when you think of a younger, punkier you?
@leighparker82 maybe you would if you went punkier now. : )
@leighparker82 you're still young!!!
The older I get, the longer it takes me to put on my shoes.
Sometimes I will be working, have an idea, walk away from what I was doing, have another idea, turn around, see a bird and forget everything
My mom suggested a family trip to Hawaii. The first thing I thought of was when the Brady Bunch went there.
I saw a Northern Flicker! #birdnerd And I got so excited I ran around frantically trying to find the bird guide book #birddork
My morality is not based on the fear of any 'god' but on respect for others and quite frankly, the universe.
RT @Kikidell: I feel deeply for anyone who works retail during the holidays. You are saints, because dear lord, everyone is all "present ...
Caught a mouse that the cats were chasing. Went "squee!" too much when it looked at me and accidentally let it go.
@GigiGolderro Is that your old band? Cool stuff!
It's hard to get out of bed in the morning when my cat decides that it's snuggle time. Can't complain to much though!
RT @Kikidell: Is it sad that I've noticed more ungratefulness at Christmas than joy & good cheer? This sense of entitlement in our g ...

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