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Popping in for a moment to say hello and that I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza. Let the "mirthing" continue!!!
Whoever has some extra snow out there, would you please send some my way? I'm still hoping/waiting for a White Christmas...
Still sewing away...listening to The Corrs. Hope everyone is having a good day :)
@countrywindows Such a nice Treasury!
@socuteithurts Maybe if we both wish really hard it will happen ;)
@thepearproject Yes it is, & the window in my sewing room overlooks the woods in my backyard.Nice scenery+good music=great project!need snow
@sewdarnsimple I've got yucky paperwork and bills to pay after sewing.Maybe by then you'll be sewing and I'll think you R the lucky one, lol
@Antiquebasket If I could take it, I would!Won't feel like Christmas without the beautiful white stuff! They're saying 50s on Christmas Day.
Going up to sew now, another busy day. Listening to The Shins and Jackie Greene...
Good morning everybody! Cold 20 degrees out, expecting freezing rain, but still no snow in sight :(
@kokeshi_me G'night!
Great day for staying home and sewing gifts, brrrrrrr.... Listening to The Shins and Boy Least Likely To...
@Antiquebasket SO CUTE!
@Antiquebasket We're headed in that same direction, below freezing. But still no snow :(
Good morning everybody! Very windy outside and 19 degrees. Brrr...
@debbiemahler It was having issues yesterday, maybe it's spilled over into today, too.
@Pastor_Robert Sounds terrible, I hope you start feeling better soon!
@AbbaDabbaBags The weather is still bad there? Wish we'd get some. If nothing else, it made it easier on you, kept all the others away, lol!
@jenscloset Congrats and good luck! I've already sold an item there...
@PiratePixieCrew We're allowed to have soppy times every now and again! :) I know how missing someone you love feels especially on that day.

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