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yesterday I had some great topics in my head. today I can't remember a thing. suggestions?
And now, for some snarky fun with MIL suffering.
It's time to clear all the junk out - oooh, look there are buttercups growing by the mailbox!
Please don't make small talk with me. Read this instead:
I would hang out and make small talk with you, but I hate that. Go read this instead:
My 4th grader just got her report card - 5 A's & 1 B+ !!! She rocked it.
How can I make light of the naked cheerleading coach? Like this:
For your amusement: Wedding Profits,
How to pay for a wedding:
My blog got 100 followers! No give-aways, selling or features - I just wirte...and they likey! yay me!
@BSB_etsy thank you! I'm so impressed with myself. hee hee. Nice toes.
I'm loving my snazzy, new website design. Give it some love (well at least if you're a NJ parent)
If you or a loved one suffers from bad hair, wearing Crocs, or ugly home decor choices, this is for you:
Please don't make my eyes bleed.
@PaperCakes oldest turns 10 in July, I'm almost done with her "First Year" scrapbook. Ta daaa!
who's up for a light, fun read?
@geminiriver thanks so much for watching & sharing my vid - every view gives me a little push to stay honest.
@maramingsalamat that's why linensnthings went out of biz, b/c they didn't take exp coupons and bb&b is so much better
@wonderboutique wait a tick! isn't the finale this week? we're supposed to find out if ellen really shoots patty, etc.
@heatherknitz where are you?! sounds like the weather channel

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