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@hainsworthtv @homestars Once I've confirmed valid users i can look for other issues like the ability to brute forc…
@hainsworthtv @homestars It should say "check you email for reset instructions" either way.
@hainsworthtv @homestars In reset password field enter an email that is not in their system vs one that is. If you…
@hainsworthtv @homestars Site also has user enumeration on reset password field. This is a security issue you should fix.
@hacks4pancakes @essobi These are always my favorite tweets to read, we should commit to liking all of them for maximum lesson teaching
@jessfraz At times I get more stir crazy then lonely. I trade that for time with family and the benefit far surpass…
@uncooldana Second law, order multiple replacement parts for when it breaks again
@SquirrelsNaBrrl Lol did you find hacker chess ? Check @jaysonstreet on Thingiverse
PLEASE HELP! Beyond EXIF and Google reverse image search I need more image forensic tools/ideas for sensitive matter.
@internetofdongs Thanks largely to your efforts.
@insp3ctre @bennettaur @hackinparis @SiliconHBO sort of but Mike's scenario is definitely possible with enough effort.
@bennettaur @insp3ctre @hackinparis lol did you watch @SiliconHBO last week, that is almost exactly what happened :P
@insp3ctre @hackinparis pull out the war walking software :) in a pinch you could probably get close with apps.
@ClaydonPhysics @StPeterCSS
Asking for a friend:How does one become a civilian watchdog over CSIS/CSEC? I fell like it needs at least one hacker
Growing pains or fundamental flaw? "The entire ETH network is backlogged causing delays... most transactions are posting within 8-10 hours"
@Viss Ask yourself: What assets/secrets are you trying to protect What threat are they under What steps can I take…
My account hasn't even been activated and I've already found vulns.
FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "all your data on $X is private between you and us, accessible by you only by using your own unique sign-in and password"
An open ledger with verification and non repudiation consistent with all parties would save much confusion

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