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Guy said his 7 year old wants an iPad. I said when i was 7, I got a pencil.
T-shirt says it...but should add @mindiabair
If you think lack but pray for prosperity, you are like a farmer who plants corn but prays for tomatoes.
30-Second Revealing Quiz: This might shock you…
"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly." -Mae West
RT @ScottYork: @Mrfire aka Joe Vitale going beast mode with 70lb dumbbell presses for 10 reps! #mrfire #fitness #strength…
The great Dr Steve G Jones @gethypnosis showing me which end of the mike to speak into...
Who do you know dealing with gluten?
"Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons." Robertson Davies
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Forget the socks
Saxman Joe pretending to be @mindiabair adding bari sax to Ruthie Foster track
Great new book
Forget more socks. Get yourself something nice:
Great interview with me at
a secret prayer request
Listen to The Secret Prayer by Dr. Joe Vitale and leave a comment about your results on the site
Mirror, mirror...what secret do you hold?
@nerissaoden had another hit book signing today!
Flying Wish Paper is cool!!

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Author of way too many books to list here; appeared in The Secret and other movies. #LOA expert.

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