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RT @JenMazer: Learn to Manifest with the Masters for FREE TODAY with me and 'The Secret' star @mrfire
Quiet on the set. I'm being filmed for another movie today.
When you look in the mirror, say "I love you." That's what the mirror is saying to you. It's only fair to say it back.
another gift for you (watch now)
In Kuwait money is easily available on the street...
Posted a new song: ""One More Day!" off the new album of the same name" #music
I'm sorry (and secretly pleased) that the collectible CD/book of my latest album sold out BUT you can download it
"Behaviour is a mirror in which everyone shows his image." Goethe
Provide your own caption...(w Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky)
Answer this honestly --
"Be always resolute with the present hour. Every moment is of infinite value; for it is the representative of eternity." Goethe
"The soul can not think without a picture." Aristotle
For some reason they really love prunes in Kuwait...
Driving this Ferrari at 150mph in Kuwait blew my hair back (or off)...
My Kuwait look suits least here in Kuwait.
With @Justabunchable in Kuwait who asked what children's book influenced me (will reveal on future blog)
My hotel in Kuwait is rather nice...
Loving Kuwait hosts are making a dishdasha robe for me
In Kuwait with publishers

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