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Thousands of #costumes on #sale! https://t.co/iOZVmI8YN2 https://t.co/h8OyGz2ojm
RT @TheWalkingDead: Who would you rather go on a road trip with? #TheWalkingDead
RT @deadpoolmovie: Less than 127 hours to go until #Deadpool! https://t.co/uBUGirtH3T https://t.co/lMSMs79xfX
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RIP #AlanRickman ⚡️😞 https://t.co/ULLIv8vW30
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Be anything you want to be in 2016 with #Costumes on #sale at up to 80% off! https://t.co/iOZVmI8YN2 https://t.co/9ImLFcTDqj
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Be a #Superhero! #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words https://t.co/SJMR7VZN23 https://t.co/zzDUNBPt0U
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Son of Krypton or Bat of Gotham? #SupermanvBatman https://t.co/SJMR7VIcav https://t.co/3aGMnDjfWq
RT @BatmanvSuperman: Son of Krypton vs. Bat of Gotham. Watch the new trailer for #BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice now. https://t.co/VMY4oM…
Nice kids deserve to find #costumes under the #Christmas tree! #nicelist https://t.co/w87i7lyarQ https://t.co/JshLVFmyKM
Happy Thanksgiving!
RT @Gotham: The darkness is only beginning. #Gotham awaits your return next Monday on @FOXTV. https://t.co/0HVKVcoGiN

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