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The only thing stopping me vomiting my guts up at the sight of all this craven commerciality on #BlackFriday are th…
Well played @Virgin_TrainsEC, well played.
Lumi-m'eh. #poorMansBlackpoolIlluminations
RT @TonyCowards: I just typed “Brexit” into Amazon and it came up “People who bought Brexit also bought the Trump Presidency” #russia #putin
#ScottishTributeBands @BBCRadMac Gang of Forfar
#ScottishTributeBands @BBCRadMac Carnoustie-vie Wonder
@BBC6Music My Sing Sing tent. Was always a bit on the large side but since I lost weight it looks huge on me.…
RT @JoshMalina: If you think we shouldn’t have gun control laws because criminals won’t follow them, you think we shouldn’t have laws. http…
@BBCNews why not twist the Paradise Papers story into indignation over the Queen, thus diverting our attention from the massive corruption?
In GP waiting room. Could everyone please stop breathing near me and stuff? Thanks.
Please stop saying spook-tacular
RT @ChathamHouse: There’s a danger once you have democracy that you think it’s permanent, you have to permanently renew it, says @Aiannucci…
RT @StefSimanowitz: The Mechanics of History by Yoann Bourgeois. Performed at the Pantheon (via @fguzfguz)
Feel like singing the blues? #mcfc #smugzone
@danielmstanley I've put it face down in the recycling bin.
So this arrived on my doormat today.
@richardosman Currently on 666 retweets.
RT @NiamhNic: I hadn't thought about this much before, but, damn...
Dear corporations, offering me 20% off something for my birthday is not a "gift", it's a cold marketing strategy and a big turn off.

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