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@OldSpice I'm a young mom with chronic back pain from holding my child. If my husband uses Old Spice, how will that affect me?
Well it's time to put Junior down for the night. Thanks for all the comments! I'll catch everyone tomorrow! #motrinmoms
Gotta love child-proof caps! Fun for moms and kids alike. :) #motrinmoms
Yeah this is what I'm talking about! Keep 'em coming, folks! #motrinmoms
Great idea @MrsWrite! I bet the next commercial will have a holiday theme. I think Santa also uses the freehand technique #motrinsanta
@PinkOliveFamily I'm just a mom who loves her Motrin! ;)
Great idea @jyl_mommygossip!!! A cruise is a great way to let off some mommy stress! LOL! #motrinmoms
Hey, I didn't realize that Motrin is also a fun toy for kids! (Please, only with parental supervision) ;)
I think @5minutesformom ought to send in her resume. :) I know that baby-wearing sure isn't a pain for me anymore either. #motrinmoms
Haha @SiMoNeHotDish, well if the van gets stuck in traffic be sure to keep some Motrin in the glove compartment. ;) #motrinmoms
@FakeObama44 We feel your pain! LOL!
Don't forget, dads need some love too. ;) #motrindads
Hey @triciahonea and @mninmn thanks for the love! :) #motrinmoms
Hey nice pic, @kellyatcare, I see you use the freehand technique as well. ;) Make sure to pack some Motrin in the purse! #motrinmoms
Finally some change we can believe in, @FakeObama44, LOL! And that's some bipartisan help for Sarah Palin to boot! #motrinmoms
Great tip @salus! Then I'll only need Motrin when Junior just won't stop crying. ;) But hey, what can you do these days? LOL! #motrinmoms
You're right, @mariebeausoleil, Motrin doesn't make baby-wearing possible but it sure does make it feel a lot better! :) #motrinmoms
Sorry you don't like our commercial, @pitchengine, but let's get "viral"!!! LOL! Shoot your own on YouTube and let us see it. :)
Hey @js1084 I love Motrin too! Let me know about any cool blogs that help spread the message! Be trendy without all the pain! #motrinmoms
Hey @lilmomthatcould, I can tell from your pic that you could use some Motrin. LOL! I see you use the "freehand side-carrying" technique ;)

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