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just noticed.. must update this one. @9tobor . .@joycef300 @sandyoshore @chumleelee
another lonely lunch. I'm leaving by 3 now..
I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album ""
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
If I missed anyone to thank .. please forgive me... not used to all this
thanks for all the adds my new friends.. just got in and I'm really tipsy. I'll thank you all individually...
i gotta change my picture... good night my friends..
think am drunk
the party's over .... everyone is everywhere ... need to sleep.. just told I'm still the slave for later.....
After all this time.... I'm F'n Back... I GIVE UP !
love it
unreal time
bowing to pressure from Sandy, Joyce & Lisa.. Debbie, Cindy ... ?? n others.. I WILL 4 EVER BE THEIR SLAVE !
all ok.. thanks for the tex
I'm checking out, featuring 31,384 businesses in the twitter business directory at via @twibs not bad
what am I doing here..??
so much for much..

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