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@littleidea @ritam there are recipes for mashed potato?
RT @palvaro: I like this paper enough to be teaching it, but man alive is that a bad first sentence of an abstract https://t.co/LnzmMgDsc2
loving the comments. @LouiseMensch is apparently on the alt-left - bwah hah hah https://t.co/EsuURKkerN
my todo list is refreshingly simple and achievable right now: potatoes, peas, sauce, broccoli
RT @Plinz: If we live in a simulation, I am pretty sure its PHP
RT @Badger5000: Amazing scenes below the line at the FT https://t.co/91tsbUaZnC
RT @allpartycycling: United Nations calls for "at least 20%" of transport budgets for cycling and walking https://t.co/sCoLxejuSj
RT @fintanr: So who else is up for some @redmonk tapas & beers next Tuesday in Barcelona during OpenStack Summit?
spent the morning thinking about a more assertive and effective Liberalism.
@amye @sogrady ugh. so much agree. https://t.co/cH6zcnpwhO
RT @Sandyshark: How low will GOP go? https://t.co/A1lfCFcEyg
nutter https://t.co/7LhSAXDRGH
@cyberdees whoa. amazing.lucky you, for having such high ceilings in there. :-)
@bboreham sad panda. he's so much like a puppy.
RT @champagne_lefty: The hijacking of our national polity by press barons must now come to an end, the Murdoch and Rothermere dynasties areā€¦
@SusanPotter considering it's the "party of business" the due diligence was sub optimal
my 6yo today - "trump doesn't do good leadership. he's weak. he treats people rudely." smart girl. #ImWithHer
my 11yo today "we have a new boy @AnnaFiorentini dad, i showed him around". he likes to welcome new people into an environment. it's *EASY*
it's just tolerance, love and acceptance, people. is it really so hard?
good on you, kentish people of the early 20th century https://t.co/pB60VCxX1F

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