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RT @MobileEntBiz: Money Dashboard adapts for mobile with £2.7m fund @moneydashboard #mobile #business #finance #apps
@VandenBowen Hi Vanden. Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you enjoy the service
RT @choosenet: Oooh @moneydashboard are releasing an app 'in the coming months' #superexcited
You can now 'see the true view of your finances' on the move with Money Dashboard:
Is #crowdfunding sustainable?
RT @GarethFryer: Should banks open data to allow users to better manage their info? & good ex…
RT @TheNextWeb: Personal finance tracker Money Dashboard goes mobile, native iOS and Android apps on the way by @The…
RT @moneyexperts: Loyalty cards: do they really save you money? Sometimes the opposite is true...
"Good" banks do exist - you just have to dig a little deeper to find them. Would you agree? Let us know your thoughts
RT @chriscfox: @moneyexperts Could we, even if we wanted to. Market forces / consumer pressure against paid banking is significant.
RT @emptypocketlisa: Want to keep on top of your finances and see where your money goes? Check out @moneydashboard .For money saving tips f…
RT @moneyexperts: Should we end free banking in Britain? RT and let us know your thoughts?
Are Scots really tighter than their southern neighbours? Find out here: #moneysaver
RT @moneyexperts: Who can help Sarah save for a holiday? #AskMoneyDashboard
How your boss can help you save #moneysaver
4 ways to keep on top of your debts:
4 incredibly simple ways to hit the slopes this Easter: - Could you do with a ski holiday?
@thebirmanlover Maybe we can help you figure out where your money goes #moneysaver

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